Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January's Inspiration will come from the Movie Poster.....Miracle on 34th Street'!

(Suggested by Karen Williams) 

For an extra 6 bonus points :)

1) A Santa on the Page  = 1 pt
2) Brown, Orange and Yellow hues = 2 pts
3) Use your house number as part of the same title
(Example = Miracle on 12th Street)  =
3 pts
NOTE - From June we are now looking for individual entries for FS2S, you may combine your entry with a sketch but we no longer want entries that combine other challenges as we feel the ladies that do the right thing and take the time to enter independent entries are disadvantaged when it comes to winning prizes. If it means we lose a few entries, so be it!

 The inlinkz post will go up shortly!

The Design Team have put together some great submissions,
so lots of inspiration to share with you all  :)

Entries for  'Miracle on 34th Street'' will close
Sunday 29th January at midnight.

Looking forward to seeing some great entries this month :)


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nicky's submission for the month...

Nicky Normandale - Miracle on 7th Street

and a close up!!

Getting to know our Movie Extra.......

Nicky Normandale

Hi, my name is Nicky Normandale.
I live in Adelaide, South Australia with my darling boyfriend Shannon. No children or pets for us as we aren't very good at keeping fish alive so decided it would just be the two of us. I am a proud Aunt of 6 nephews and a very gorgeous niece who is my favourite person to scrap about.
I am not a Design Team member for anyone yet but am hoping that 2012 will be my lucky year and that i'll be welcomed into a DT soon (hint hint Shazza!). I am very honoured to be the Guest Design Team member for From Screen 2 Scrap for the month of January! I was pretty overwhelmed when I got the email as it meant I was one step closer to my dream of being a DT member for one of the many inspirational blogs that I follow.
I first started scrapping almost 2 years ago now... My sister had a kit that she'd put together and I borrowed it for a few weeks to see what this scrapbooking thing was all about. When I went to return it I told her how hooked I was and that I planned to buy the basics and go to some classes so I too could learn about all the magic that people can create. I was so excited when she said 'Keep it all then, I don't use it so you may as well'. Since then I have been to many classes and learnt so many techniques. And i've gone from a shopping bag full of bits and pieces to a whole room for me to scrap in! I love every moment that I get to spend playing in my room and wish I didn't have to work so I could be in there all day.....
I scrap because I love capturing the story behind each photo and so that I can tell our story as a family as to what we got up to in our lives. I want our future family to flick through my albums in 100+ years and see what we got up to and perhaps laugh at our daggy hairstyles, clothing and vintage cars, furniture, etc. I tell the story about anything whether it be a special occassion or just every day life, mostly cherished moments. I love to sit down and look through my albums to remember those beautiful moments and to see how much i've evolved as a scrapper.
I don't really have a style of my own. I like to try anything and adapt with each project. I follow artists like Teresa Collins, Donna Salazar and Tim Hotlz with passion (perhaps it could be borderline stalking!) and am truly inspired by the products and projects that Kaisercraft create - they are also the reason why I started scrapping, a few clicks on their blog and I was hooked! I love all types of scrapping whether it be making layouts, cards, OTP items and I like to get my Zutter out and make my own books now and then too!
I am so happy to be the Guest Designer for From Screen 2 Scrap during January, thanks so much Shazza for giving me the opportunity!
Keep creating that magic!
Nicky xo

Here are some of Nicky's favourite layouts.......

It's Not The Home

Mum And I

Ava so Sweet

 Penny and Me

Nicky - Black n White

Could everyone please make Nicky welcome at FS2S


Shazza's sub.....

Shazza Bishop - Miracle on 12th Street

Journaling says......
Our new home was nearing the finishing stages in 2003...But Christmas was looming!! I thought it would be a miracle if we could move in before Christmas. We finally got the keys on the 17th December and moved in that very day... It really was a miracle!

Alanna's submission for the month....

Alanna Nelson - Miracle on 1st Street


Here's my sub for the January challenge - Miracle on 34th Street.

Brown, yellow and orange hues - check. I used kraft cardstock as my "brown", and some orange glimmer mist and ink and then some yellow thickers to top it all off.
Santa hat - check. My handmade bottlecap in the top left features a Santa Claus with hat.
Title as per movie posted - check :)



Here is Mary's Submission...

Mary Steinmetz - Miracle on 2245 Street

Hi Shazza,

Here is my submission for Jan. I found this very hard to do, especially those colors. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do. So I thought , about the birth of Jennifer, what a miracle she was. This is me 3 hours after giving birth.

Here is Karen's Jan sub.....

Karen Williams - Miracle on the E40

Hi Shazza

here is my entry for the January challenge- Miracle on 34th street.

I have the colour scheme and I hand cut a tiny little Santa flying in the corner. I ahve to admit I changed the title a tiny bit- I've called it miracle on the E40- that is not my street or my house number but last Christmas was almost a disaster- we had a massive snow fall a few days before we were due to drive back to the UK. it was so bad that huge lorries were skidding along my street _- a major trunk road- and if the stopped they just couldn't get going again. it was touch and go whether we were going to leave or not. In the end we decided to go for it and make an overnight stop in Calais on the way. we had to dig the car out and push it to get it out of the snow but once we were out of our town we were on the way and absolutely fine! So this is called Miracle on the E40 because for me it was a miracle we got to Calais- this photo was taken in our overnight hotel- a bit spartan but it was a real relief to get there! the E40 is the european motorway going past Calais in case you were wondering

hope this is OK


Here is Deb Clarks submission.....

Debi Clark - Miracle at 56

Wow Shazza,
Here we are in the New Year....time is just whizzing away!
This was a great movie poster to use as inspiration, 
I do love that vintage look.
I believe I have used all the criteria in my LO of my 
new home - browns, yellows & orange tones, a little 
red Santa, & my title is Miracle at 56. It is a 
miracle that we managed to be able to buy such a lovely 
home, so this inspiration suited me down to the ground. 
Plus I had to add that pop of red in to...
my signature colour!
Hope we see a lot of players this month, as they are 
such fun & we have great prizes too!
Cheers, Deb Clark.

Sandi's submission for the month....

Sandi Robinson -Miracle @ # 14

Attached is my January sub for the 'Miracle On 34th Street'...this one stumped me for a bit!!  How to incorporate our house number into the title?  Santa on a brown/yellow/orange colour scheme?  But I had a light bulb moment & remembered a photo I had made up on the 'Capture The Magic' website, placing Santa on our landing, convincingly about to fill our stockings with gifts!  Even more handy was that the walls on the landing are an ochre colour & in the lamplight the whole seen had a yellow hue!  So, all three criteria met (I hope that Santa in the photo counts as being on the page?!) & I even managed to incorporate a generous excerpt from my favourite Christmas poem ''twas the night before Christmas'.
Thanks for another challenging poster Shazza....Happy New Year!!
Sandi xx :)

Here is Jane's sub....

Jane Howden - Santa Swings Past #37

Hi Shazza,
Gosh 2012 already – how did that happen? 
Our local rural fire service go around the streets of our suburb every Christmas eve spreading Christmas cheer (and handfuls of lollies) to the local children.  It’s become a bit of a tradition to stand out the front of our house and wave and clap as he goes past (and then do a mad scramble for the scattered sweets left on the front lawn).  I’ve used some yellow Christmas paper that has been in my stash for who knows how long and teamed it with some Abbey Road scraps I had in my basket which had a nice tangerine colour to them.  I brought in brown as the background cardstock and in the numbers.  My included Santa is fairly obvious :).
Looking forward to another great year on From Screen 2 Scrap.
All the best,

Here is Dales submission for January.....

Dale Tiernan -Surfin Santa

Hi Shazza,
I've chosen to make a card for the Miracle on 34th Street poster challenge. I've used yellow cardstock as my base, like the background of the poster. I have a fun image of Santa running off to have a surf with his board. I've used an orange strip along the bottom, like the poster. My street number happens to be 20.  I noticed that there is also a 20 on the bottom centre of the poster. A lucky coincidence. So I have made a playful title to match the image which includes the number 20. I'll be interested to see what interpretations we have this month.
Kind regards,

Here is Jennifers submission......

Jennifer Manis - Miracle on Main Street

Hi Shazza!  
The year just flew by, didn't it?  I'm really excited for whatever 2012 brings though!  I'm sending you my layout for January's challenge.  My layout is titled, 'Christmas on Main Street.'  I really wanted a Christmas themed layout, but the colors of the poster were really challenging!  I decided to use an old photo of my mom & her brother with Santa.  I don't know what street exactly they lived at that time, so I used this cute Main Street sticker I had.  This picture probably was taken on Main Street, with the town's only Santa, as I'm sure there weren't quite as many of Santa's helpers around town as there are these days!   :)

Thanks and Happy New Year!!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winners announced for 'White Christmas' Movie Poster

Happy New Year to everyone from all of us at FS2S!!
Hi Ladies!
What an exhausting last couple of days, I'm trying to get everything uploaded here at FS2S...
Sorry if I'm a bit late but its hard when you work in retail and we have had some very hot days atm around 40 degree days.

I've also been waiting on DT votes that have been a bit late....but we are set to go.........

So, Thanks heaps!! to all the ladies that joined in this months challenge,
I know December is a frantic/hectic time of the year. 
I'm so happy for the amount of entries we recieved,
you all did a fantastic job of the challenge :) 

We had a total of 9 entries for the month!!

Well, the votes are in from the Design Team members.......

The winner of the Golden Globe for October
Liz Hocking 

with her entry 

'Christmas Feeling'  

Congrats Liz!! This is the cutest photo ever!!! You did a fantastic job of the challenge!!

you have won a $25 voucher from Scraphappy KAT!!


The Movie Extra prize
Donated by me

goes to


with her entry
'Christmas Memories'

Congrats Marisa! I loved how your pics and embellies 
were vertical on the page! Beautiful photos of you and 'Summer'

You have won......


The Random Draw prize

donated by Julene Matthews

goes to

Olivia Mack

with her entry
'A Beautiful Christmas Day'

Congrats Olivia!!  Great page for your first ever entry!!

You have won!! A Kaisercraft Memories box!!


The Random Draw Prize donated by 
Alanna Nelson

goes to

Joy Anderson

with her entry
Momma and Me

Congrats Joy

You have won a 'Christmas RAK'!!


The Random Draw prize donated by 

Jane Howden

goes to 

Anita Bownds

with her entry
'Gimme all ya Christmas Booty
Congrats Anita!! you have won a Christmas RAK!


The Random Draw Prize donated by 

Debi Clark

goes to


with her entry
'Festive Pigs'

Congrats Yolanda!! Your little Guinea Pigs look so cute in their Christmas hats :)

Directors Choice!! thats me!!!

goes to

Nicky Normandale

with her entry

'Merry Christmas'
Congrats Nicky!! I love how you used a color and black and white photo together 
and tied it all up with the gorgeous red bow :)
You have won a RAK prize from me!
Sorry! Theres no photo, but I'm sure some Prima flowers will make it into your package!!
The DT sub vote
for December

goes to

Jane Howden

with her submission


Congrats Jane!!!
You have won a RAK prize from me!!


A big thankyou to all the December sponsors,
your donations are much appreciated by all of us at FS2S

Sponsors for December...
 Golden Globe winner - Scraphappy Kat
Movie Extra Prize Pack donated by Shazza
Random Prize donated by Jane Howden
Random Prize donated by Julene Matthews
Random Draw Prize donated by Debi Clark
Random Draw Prize donated by Alanna Nelson
'Directors choice' and
'DT submission vote' donated by Shazza


Thankyou to all the ladies that took the time to enter this month,
You all awesome scrappers!!!!!

Thankyou to my DT members, without them this challenge blog would be very dull and boring!!!!

Could all the winners please email me their home addresses to:  
shazzaalleyes@hotmail.com so I can get all your prizes organised :)
All prizes will be sent out by the end of  January

Now who's up for some 'Miracle on 34th Street' inspiration