Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Winners announced for FS2S June's inspiration 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Thank you to all the ladies that joined the challenge this month. We had 19 entries with 7 newbies joining in. Lots of great ideas and techniques used this month. There were quite a few stand out layouts ...thats for sure.

This months winner is a newbie, which is great to see :) without further ado.....

The Golden Globe winner for June

Melissa Zordilla
with her entry

'Your own Wonderland'

Congratulations Melissa!!! you have won a $20 spend up! at the 'Chip Chop Shop'

Your entry was just stunning Melissa, 6 of the 8 DT's awarded you points for your superb entry.
It's nice to see a newbie win :) ENJOY!


Golden Globe 'Runner UP! prize goes to

Sarah Elliott
for her entry

Stepping through the looking glass etc......

Congratulations Sarah! you have won a flower pack donated by Debbie at 'Muddy Puddles'

Sarah the work you put into your entry was amazing,
your win was most well deserved!! :)
I for one kept coming back to your entry to check out all the
little embellies and bits and pieces you had added.


The winner of the Random Draw prize


Melody Rainbow
with her entry
'Their own little Wonderland'

Congratulations!!! on your Random draw win Melody have won a gorgeous stamp from Deb's creations
called 'Babette' - wanna dance?


Winner of the fanciest title or title that stands out is.......

with her titled entry
'Chasing Rabbits'

Congratulations Annemaree!! you have won some gorgeous handmade flowers from Sonia at forever always :)

I got to pick the winner of the fancy title for this challenge and your title really stood out and made me think....mmmm yes thats why Alice got herself into trouble, she was chasing a rabbit!!! lol


The winner of the Guest DT Rak donated by Tanya Soutar
(and picked by Tanya herself!!!)


Chantel Vandenberg
with her entry
'Books are a Wonderland'

Congratulations Chantel!! well deserved!!
I can see some great Stampin UP! product amongst that Rak :)

you have won this RAK from Tanya


The winner of the DT submission and voted by all the DT members


Anne Patterson
with her entry
'Fairy Fun'

Congratulations Anne!! you have won a Rak from Shazza (me lol) !!!


A big thankyou to all the June sponsors,
your donations are much appreciated by all of us at FS2S

Thankyou to all the ladies that took the time to enter this month,
You all ROCK!

Thankyou to my friend Tanya for being our Guest DT for the month,
and adding some great comments to the entries during the month.

Thankyou to my DT members, without them this challenge blog would be very dull and boring!!!!

Could all the winners please email me their email addresses and home addresses to: so I can get all your prizes organised :)

Now who's up for some 'Sherlock Holmes' inspiration??

see you all next month

June's Movie Poster is 'Alice in Wonderland'........

Please feel free to interpret this poster in anyway,
as long as it is Alice in Wonderland themed........

Added criteria for extra 6 bonus points
give me..........
1) A white rabbit = 1pt
2) A clock or a fob watch = 2pts
3) Drink 'me' bottle = 3pts

Looking forward to seeing your entries for the month and good luck!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Showcase of 'Alice in Wonderland' entries

We have had another great month at FS2S. Well done ladies for your creative efforts for June!
I have enjoyed waiting for the entries to this challenge to come in.

You have out done yourselves again. I love all the 'Alice in Wonderland' inspired layouts, choosing the winner for this month is going to be so hard.

I am always pleased with the number of entries at FS2S and June was no exception , we had 7 new ladies give this challenge a, thankyou to everyone who entered this month, we had 19 fantastic entries, which is just an amazing effort, so I can only thankyou all for participating and helping to make this challenge site so AWESOME!! I hope you all enjoyed the challenge and look forward to you all playing along again in July :)

In no particular order, here is a blog roll of all the 'Alice in Wonderland' layouts for the month! This helps the Design Team with the judging of entries :) So hang in there, it will be a couple of days before we get back to you with all the winners !!!

I will start posting Junes inspiration shortly whilst we wait for all the votes to come in :)

Here is the list of entries for June:

Chasing Rabbits by Annemaree

Off to Wonderland by Cathy Cafun

Books are a Wonderland by Chantal Vandenberg

Vada in Wonderland by Cynthia Seguin

Enchanted Journey by Dale Tiernan

My Own Little Wonderland by Deb Clark

"Alice works" by Irina Sergeeva

Believe in Wonderland by Irit Shalom

Friends by Jacque Miles

It's a wonder by Lisa Kamphuis

Grow by Lisa Webb

My Very Own Wonderland by Melissa O'Neill

Your Own Wonderland by Melissa Zordilla

Their own Little Wonderland by Melody Rainbow

Chloe in Wonderland by Samantha Doorbar

Stepping through the Looking Glass etc..... by Sarah Elliott

In a Wonderland by Talia Lynette

Chloe in Wonderland by Vanessa Waller

Alice inspired box by Vicki Canning


Monday, June 28, 2010

Woohoo! Just made it in time......

Cathy Cafun - Off to Wonderland

Hi Shazza,
Stayed up to finish this LO for FS2S June Challenge. The pic isn't as clear as I'd like. This is a pic of my DD from quite a few years back fast asleep. She looked so angelic (as all kids do when they sleep) that I had to snap this pic. I managed all the criteria. There is a white rabbit who has a fob watch and a drink me bottle in the top left hand corner near the flowers. Thanks Cathy

Woohoo! You just made it Cathy! an hour!! lol Gorgeous layout, your running rabbit is divine!! I can just imagine him saying 'I'm late, I'm late... lol your daughter does look so angelic, your use of your sleeping daughter for the layout was a great idea. You have all your criteria, Well done - Shazza

Another last minute entry from.......

Vanessa Waller - Chloe in Wonderland

Hi Shazza
Wow I manged to get this challenge done too this month!!
Thanks for another great challenge, gave me the opportunity to scrap fancy dress photos.
Pretty sure I have the criteria covered
1 white rabbit - down bottom of layout under main photo
1 fob watch - left of tea pot
1 drink me bottle - bottom left on photo
Love this challenge. - Love Ness xx

Vanessa, you've done well with this gorgeous layout. How cool is the teapot and cups for your Tea Party! Great fancy dress photos! Thanks for joining in the challenge, you have definately covered all the criteria ..........and I'm glad you 'Loved' this months challenge!! Cheers Shazza

Entries for 'Alice in Wonderland' will close
Monday 28th June (Tonight) at midnight.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

A last minute layout from.......

Jacque Miles - Friends

Hi Shazza,
This is my LO for S2S The photo is of Olivia with her new
Doll Dora. I have a white Rabbit looking at his fob watch
on my LO. Thanks Shazza This was a fun challenge:)
From Jacqui

Cute page Jacque! love your hand cut flowers, clouds and
bambi. The stamped background card stock looks great!
Did you stamp this? I love the photo of Olivia and her
Dora doll! Thanks for joining in again this month.
Cheers shazza

Entries for 'Alice in Wonderland' will close
Monday 28th June at midnight.

If you want to play along, you have 1 day
to get your entry in :)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

A last minute entry from........

Lisa Kamphuis - It's a Wonder

HI babe
OMG - I cant believe I got to do both of the challenges in the final days !! This is my take on Alice in Wonderland - inspired by the tree and I even used an Alice in Wonderland vintage playing card....
Thanks - Lisa Kamphuis

Hey Lisa!
Just in time with one day to go !! I love your tree, is that a chippy one? What a cute portrait photo of your daughter (I wonder who she looks like !!! lol) and your vintage 'Alice' card is gorgeous. Thanks for playing along this month. Cheers Shazza

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here's a great entry :) from a newbie..........

Melody Rainbow - Their Own Little Wonderland

hi Shazza :)
I had fun doing this challenge ;) thanks for a great challenge ;)
The white rabbit and drink me bottle are on the right hand side, on top of the mushroom.
The clock is on the middle of the roof of the house.
I have named this layout " their own little wonderland".
tc from mel :)

Melody! I'm glad you had fun doing this challenge, thats what scrapping is all about. The DT members and myself hope to inspire ladies to create something a little bit different whilst enjoying themselves and having fun :) Glad to see you have all your added criteria...your clock looks so real, love your flowery pp. Great job Mel and thanks for playing along - Shazza

Entries for 'Alice in Wonderland' will close Monday 28th June at midnight.
If you want to play along, you have 4 days to get your entry in :)


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

AT Last !!!! We have another newbie and its the co-owner of my LSS..........

Samantha Doorbar - Chloe in Wonderland

Hi Shazza,
Here is my Page for the Alice in Wonderland
My first ever AHHHHH!!
Hope you like it I will put it up in the shop with the site

Thanks Samantha
Flutterbuys Card Craft and Scrapbooking

What a great page Sam, it just looks fantastic, I love how you have
added all
those little embellies swirling much to look at!!
Love the angled
photo of Chloe too. How good is your cheshire cat
up the tree!! Looks like
you have covered all the criteria...........
thanks for playing along this month.

The DT girls will love this - shazza

Entries for 'Alice in Wonderland' will close Monday 28th June at midnight.
If you want to play along, you have 5 days to get your entry in :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looks who's been published...........

Anne Patterson

Congratulations Anne!

Anne has been published in the upcoming issue of the Scrapbook Magazine #46 which should be out in a couple of weeks. It even has a little write up on FS2S and shows the 'Alphie' poster that was used for the challenge in January.
Anne did such a great job on her layout 'Lunch', well done Anne!!

......wouldn't it be awesome if we got some newbies and followers through this publication :)


Here is an entry fom a newbie.......

Lisa Webb - Grow

Hi Shazza
I absolutely loved doing this challenge. Love the idea of my mind going back into my childhood memories of the gorgeous Alice in Wonderland. It made me smile feeling like the childhood in me was coming back out. I must admit I had to Google what a Drink me bottle was.... But as you can see I managed to slip it in next to the clock on the left hand side of my layout. It is actually the pear from the top left hand side of the page cut out into the shape of a bottle with added straw texture for the neck of the bottle.
Thanks so much for letting me have this play.
Lisa Webb aka Moonie

Hi Lisa! With a few little additions like the drink me bottle and white rabbit, you were able to enter FS2S. :) This page is gorgeous and love your drink me bottle, its turned out fab. Thanks for joining in and good luck when we do our voting. A very creative piece!! - Shazza

Sunday, June 20, 2010

This is a another gorgeous 'Alice' themed entry from.........

Irit Shalom - Believe in Wonderland

Shazza hello!! Here is my entry for Alice challenge: this one is a mixed media canvas and as you can see I was inspired by wonderland- as mich as my daughters and their friend feel in their own summer wondeland
As for the criteria: huge clock is on the paper left corner, white rabbit and the bottle - near the title on the lower side of the page.
And I really went out of the box on this one- useing lots and lots of techniques here- such as acrylics, wax,stamping, heat and dry embossing, die cutting, using glitters and 3d glue and even stamping with plastic glass.
The best part of it is that the photo is in some kind of a pocket and it is changable- as I can take it of and to put a new one
Hope you like it
Irit Shalom

Gee!! Irit you have really done a lot of work on this canvas with all those looks fabulous. Love how you left a pocket so you can swap over the photo. Love how you incorporated all the criteria, your stamped umbrella looks great here. Beautiful work, well done!!
- shazza

Entries for 'Alice in Wonderland' will close Monday 28th June at midnight.
If you want to play along, you have 8 days to get your entry in :)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

We have another entry from a newbie.......

Melissa Zordilla - Your own Wonderland

I printed out clipart images of the rabbit and mad hatter and distress and inked them for a more vintage look. i made my own drink me bottle using light blue gel pen, cut it out, and inked it. for the watch i cut it, distress and inked the edges, and glued a metal chain for added cuteness LOL! the layered book pages are from an old book that i bought did some paper tearing and inked it. hope you love it! - Melissa

Thanks for your entry Melissa! It's turned out just beautiful, I love that shabby chic look :)
Your inked madhatter looks great and I really love your fob looks real!!! The photo of the bubba is just gorgeous :) Thanks for joining in and we hope to see you next month. Well done! - Shazza

Entries for 'Alice in wonderland' will close Monday 28th June at midnight.
If you want to play along, you have 9 days to get your entry in :)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is a cute entry from.......

Melissa O'Neill - My Very Own Wonderland

Hi Shazza,
This is my entry for the June challenge, well you didn't dissappoint with tricky but heaps of fun criteria this month, I have my fob watch in the title, my white rabbits and my "drink me bottle" is actually a close up pic of my favourite perfume, although you cannot drink it, it is my favourite potion. I just love the challenge every month. Love Melxx

A Potion is good Mel!! Love this layout, title is great and I love the font you used for 'wonderland'..... I think I can see a bit of masking technique.... how cute are those white rabbits :) Thanks for joining in and I'm glad you love the monthly challenges - TC Shazza

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey! Have a look at this entry from...

Deb Clark - My Own Little Wonderland

Morning Shazza,
Thank you for yet another great inspiration in 'Alice in
Wonderland'! I enjoyed scrapping a B & W photo of myself,
when I was a little flower girl for my brother's wedding
....oh so many years ago!! I have played with a clock mask,
as well as a cuttlebugged clock face, wine bottle tucked
away near some flowers & white felt rabbit with a
pink tail I made!! Plus added cuttlebugged butterflies,
& lots of flowers.
Cheers, Deb
Hi Deb, this has turned out beautiful. You make a lovely 'Alice',
in your bridesmaid dress :)
I just love those etched butterflies
and that large organza pink bloom is just beautiful. I love the
idea of using the movie sheet with the song 'Rabbit', clever
idea :) Making a handmade rabbit was a great idea too. Great
take on the challenge, well done! - Shazza