Monday, June 7, 2010

Ok Here is something Alice inspired by......

Vicki Canning - Alice inspired box

~Ok so this week I have been working on some more pieces for my Alice in Wonderland box.... I'm really enjoying working on this slowly and doing a little bit at a time!!!!!

~So this first piece is called WHITE RABBIT, who of course had to feature on the box!!!!! Lots of gold rub on this, and some tiny playing cards: Taken from Vickis blog

Hi Vicki, I love your rabbit and fob watch, glad you could showcase your 'Alice' inspired works on FS2S :) Cheers Shazza


  1. Beautiful work Vicki. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. this is a great box, love what you did for the challenge

  3. oooh cool box Vicki. A very inspired piece.Well done.

  4. Well done Vicki. I love it.

  5. Oh, I love the playing cards on this - a perfect addition!