Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aprils inspiration will come from the Movie Poster 'Singing in the Rain'

'Singin in the Rain'

(As suggested by DT member Jane Howden)
For an extra 6 bonus points :)

1) A 'Rain' related title = 1 pt
2) An umbrella/s = 2 pts
3) Lets do it in 3's (3 pics, 3 embellies, 3 pp's etc...) = 3 pts


Please email your layouts compressed/resized for web viewing to

Also, please add your blog address to your email so I can add it to the post, that way we can come and visit :)

The Design Team have put together some great submissions,
so lots of inspiration to share with you all shortly :)

Entries for 'Singin in the Rain' will close
Thursday  28th April at midnight.

Cant wait to see what you all come up with!!


Friday, April 29, 2011

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Woo!! A last minute entry from........

Melinda Johns - Rain or Shine

This month was perfect as a couple of days after the challenge was 
posted, My daughter's uncle gave her a umbrella. She insisted on 
taking it everywhere and would sit in the top of the pram on a 
bright sunny day and have the umbrella out. ( I trusted Big W 
to print photos and they took for ever to arrive)
I decided to take a dew photos and she posed like a model twirling 
it everywhere.
I have included a rain related, title, a umbrella in the pictures and 
in 3's 3 photos, 3 home made flower embellishments, 3 stickers, 
3 word major title.I loved the paper as it matched the colours 
and umbrella so well I didn't want to add much to the paper to 
cover it up, a Nice
simple page..
Sorry for the not so flattering photo I run out of day light 
today and only just remembered that it was dead line tonight.....
Lasercut chipboard Embellishments and Handmade 
No worries Melinda! Perfect photos for this challenge, it looks 
like the umbrella arrived just in time for the challenge!!! 
Great that you got all the criteria down. Well done

Entries for 'Singin in the Rain' Movie Poster

Hi Ladies!!

Thankyou so much everyone for your fantastic entries.
We had the grand Total of 22 entries this month.

We had 8 newbies join in!!

There will be no Showcase this month as it will take me forever to upload 22 entries, instead the Design Team have been instructed to scroll back through all the entries and give me their votes that way.

so we will be back in a few days..........

thanks so much Ladies!!

and Good Luck!!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We have another great entry today from......

Marisa Page - Rainy Day

Hi Shazza,
I decided to played along for this months challenge.
We have been having so many rainy days up here were I am,
that this months poster was so perfect to scrap some of the photos I have taken.
For my digital layout I have included a ‘rainy day’ title.
A couple of umbrellas, 3 papers, 3 sets of 3 buttons and 3 other embellishments
a clock, an old photo and a tag.
Thanks for a great poster to work with.
Thanks Marisa for you entry! Its great to see you back again :)
The area where you live looks very cold and miserable.
I love your Silohouette figure holding the umbrella. 
Great that you managed to cover all the criteria.
Well done!  Cheers Shazza

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ooh! look at this next entry from....

Lynnda Hosni - Rain Dont Stop Me From Havin Fun

Hello Shazza,
Happy Easter...
Trust you are well...
I had so much fun with April Challenge... HAH... only because... I happened to have all the criteria required...why not ...join in the FUN!!!...
Attached is my layout...
Rain title = checked 
Umbrella = photo of Me (checked) 
3 pics(of ME) = checked
3 Embellies(Twine, button, chipboard, alpha stickers, fussy cutting) = checked
3 pps(included) = checked
Woohoo lotsa FUN.... thanks for the chance....hugs....xoxo

Hey Lynnda!  What a gorgeous bright entry covering all the criteris this month. Lovely photos from 'Port Arthur' in Tasmania. It looks like this project would have been a lot of fun. I love your little panda sticker...just too cute! Great work!! Cheers Shazza

Friday, April 22, 2011

Another layout today from a newbie......

Raquel Pert - 54321 Blast Off

I completed this months challenge at from screen to scrap
I tended to stick to just the colour inspiration from this one :)
my blog is
Hi Raquel! thanks for joining in this months challenge at FS2S. I'm glad you were able to get some color inspiration from the movie poster for you entry. Great photos and pp's you have used. I like the vintage pic in the corner. Well done! Shazza

Woohoo!! A Fantastic!! entry today from another newbie.....

Christy Strickler - Such A Glorious Feeling

Hi Shazza,
  Attached is my entry for "Singing in the Rain." When I first saw this poster, I knew I had to somehow use " what a glorious feeling" somewhere in the page. It ended up changing a wee bit, but did become part of the title. It's the perfect way to describe how my son and I feel walking in the rain together. Thank you for the fun challenge. I am anxiously awaiting next month's!

My blog post:
Christy S.
Hey Christy! Thanks for joining in this month at FS2S. It is a Glorious Feeling stomping in the puddles and taking a walk in the rain, which you have captured with your photos. I love how you used an adaption of the title from the 'singin in the rain' poster. Well done!
Cheers Shazza

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Woohoo!! another entry today from.....

Jen Fawkes - A Recipe for Fun

Hi Shazza,
Here is my 'Singing in the Rain' entry, with a water theme, lots of 3's (photos, PP's, buttons, alphas) and I've tried to get an 'umbrella' look by using scalloped patterned paper.
The entries this month look great. Looking forward to next month.
Jen Fawkes
Hi Jen! Thanks for your entry this cool are the photos of Copper playing in the bucket of water.....tooo cute!!! Great title and love how you have journaled around the page. Love all your 3's!! Well done!! 
- Cheers Shazza

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We have another newbie join us this month.......

Leoni Neal-Dawson - It takes both the Sunshine and 
the Rain to make a Rainbow

Attached is my entry in the April challenge
3 Challenge criteria all there as well,

1) A 'Rain' related title = 1 pt
2) An umbrella/s = 2 pts
3) 3 pics, 3 embellies, 3 pp's  = 3 pts

Thanks for the challenge
Here’s my blog address

Leonie Neal-Dawson

 Absolutely Lovely Leoni! Well done...... I love the colors , the title and your added vintage pic. Great clouds you have made with the sun peeping out behind them........The three photos together look great and if you look closely you can see the rainbow in the photos. What great photos to use :) Love you work! Cheers Shazza

Look at this great entry from a newbie.....

Karen Knight - One Rainy Day

Hi Shazza,
Here is my entry for this months challenge, and my very first entry for a screen 2 scrap challenge! What fun!
This is my little man and I at Dreamworld.. Fine weather all the way there, and then ..
 rain all day as soon as we hit the golide.. giggle
Didn't stop us having a wonderful time for his first ever trip to Dreamworld.
I have used the word "rainy" in my tittle, as well as three rows of stitching where ever i sticked,
 and three different types of fabric embellishments. i hope this is alright, thanks for a fantastic challenge..
Hi Karen! Thanks for joining in FS2S with your first ever Fantastic!! entry!. I love the photo you chose to use, the colors are fab, the aqua blue and the yellow together breathtaking..... Love all your stitching and Bling. This has come together a treat :) An entry you should be proud of! Well done! Cheers Shazza

A fabulous entry today by a newbie.......

Jolanda Bravery - Sand, Sea and Rain

Hi Shazza,
Attached is my first entry for from Screen 2 Scrap.  When I saw the April challenge I knew straight away which pictures to scrap.  These photos were taken on a very very cold and wet February day, we struggled along the promenade for about 20 minutes and then rushed home again!
I have included a few umbrellas and used 3 pic, 3 umbrella embellishments and 3 different patterned papers.
Thanks for looking
Jolanda x

Hi Jolanda, thanks for joining us this month at FS2S. I love you photos taken along the promenade. Love the swirly looking clouds, great colors you chose for this page too. Gorgeous 3 little umbrellas you included. I love how you have done your looks great! fab work!! Cheers Shazza

A fabulous entry today by .......

Melissa O'Neill - Gonna Rain 2Day Mum

Hi Shazza, what fun this months challenge was, had these photos of when Nate told Jan that it was going to rain that day....she said no, I don't think so Nate, but sure enough it did......we can only assume it was a very clever guess. I have the umbrella in the photos, rain in the title, and 3 photos, 3 different fonts. Hope you like the layout, this gave me the perfect opportunity to scrap this wonderful memory.....
Love Melxx

Hey Mel! What a wonderful memory to scrap! I love the pics of Jan with the whimsical umbrella and look at Nate keeping an eye out for that rain! Love the doodle looking flowers you have used across the bottom of the page.....and great journaling too! Well done!! Cheers Shazza

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ooh, I like this next entry from a newbie......

Mary - Our Rainy Morning

I am submitting an entry in the Singing in the Rain 
competition. It is based on Sketch #9 from Scrappy 
Sketches by Heather Waldron. Some friends suggested 
that it is a perfect layout for this competition.
Hope you like it 
Hey Mary! So glad you joined us this month, you've 
put together an awesome take on the sketch. Your
Friends were right it fits perfectly for this challenge. 
I love the photos of Cooper with the bright umbrella.
Great title for this page too. You've done well, 
Cheers Shazza

Friday, April 15, 2011

Look at this great entry from.....

Emily Pearce - Singing and Dancing in the Rain

Hi shazza
another LO for you.
3 of everything on here
3x photos
3x clouds
3x pp
3x Alpha stickes
stickers in groups of 3.. and so on!
umbrella in my photos & a "rain" title.
i think its all there haha phew.
Hi Emily! This is just too cute and fun!! I love this bright layout and just love the different colors in the title. The whole entry just stands out so much on the kraft card stock. What great photos you have used...just perfect. I love your three's of everything. A fabulous entry and great job of the criteria, Cheers Shazza

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We have an entry from a newbie...

Charlotte I.H - Rainy Days

Hi Shazza,
Here's my entry for the Singing in the rain challenge.
I loved creating this rainy layout. The photos are taken at a music festival here in Denmark.
Every Summer we go to this Festival, sometimes the weather is very good other times it 's very, very bad!!
In the year of 2007 we had som very rainy days! :0)
The umbrellas are in the photos, my title is rain-related.
I have used 3 pictures, 3 clouds, 3 circles and 3 handwritten journaling strips.

My blog can be viewed here:
This was fun!
Take care,
Charlotte in Denmark

Woohoo!! Great entry Charlotte! thanks for joining us this month. some really rainy photos you have shared from the Festival! I love your clouds and raindrops.... I love all your 3's...I'm glad you enjoyed putting this page together......Well done!! Cheers Shazza

A fabulous entry by .......

Julene Matthews - There are holes in the sky where the rain gets in..........

Hi Shazza, Here's my entry for Singing in the rain.I used only one photo(sorry!) as it is the only one I have of her with an umbrella.There are 3 embellishments including the altered CD and 3 pattern papers 2 on the CD and one behind the photo.The quote says "There are holes in the sky where the rain gets in;but they're ever so small that's why rain is thin."and that must be one of the longest titles you'll get for this challenge.The beads are all glued on separately.
Thanks,Julene Matthews

Thanks for your entry Julene! Love, Love that title, its just great!....and I think it is one of the longest titles we have had at FS2s. I love the little metal umbrellas and love the beads that you stuck on for the rain......and how cute is the little girl with the umbrella. A gorgeous layout! Well done! - Cheers Shazza

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another great page today from......

Melody Rainbow - No Rain

hiya shazza,
How are you?
Here is my entry for the April challenge.
I have added 3 umbrellas to the right of my photos.
I used 3 pp's and 3 photos.
I added the tile no "Rain" on our wedding, so there is the word "rain" related word.
Thanks for a great challenge
have a great day
tc from mel ;)
Hi Mel! Nice to see you join us this month. Beautiful wedding photos, and I'm glad it didnt rain on your special day :) I love the vintage umbrella images you used. I also like how you popped the ribbon and bow on to just one photo. The die cut scallopped shape is just pefect for your entry, Great work Mel! Cheers Shazza

Wow! here is another great entry from.....

Lena Schreijenberg - Rain

Hi Shazza,
Hereby my take on the "Singing in the Rain" challenge.
I hope it's okay to enter a collage for this challenge.... I tried to make a layout with photo's but it didn't work out because I had this collage in my head.... so I gave up on the photo's and made this collage.
I do have a "rainy" title, I have the umbrella (3!!), I have 2x3 pink circles and the quote has 3 sentences...
I used lots of glimmermist on the background, I drew the umbrella's on transparent plastic, gave them color with permanent markers. The image, the pink circles and the raindrops are cut out of old magazines.
I hope you will like it.....
XOXO, Lena
Hi Lena!  I love it!! A collage is fine to enter. We take cards, canvases and 'Off the page' items as everyone is inspired we love to see all the different interpretations of the challenge. I love the opaque looking umbrellas! The raindrops just look fantastic. Great entry! Well done! - Shazza 

Look at this fabulous entry from a newbie...

Brigitte Harris - It's Raining in Assisi

Hi Shazza
Attached is my submission for the challenge. I have taken my inspiration from the colours of the poster and the curvy title. I have included 3 photos, 3 pp, 3 umbrellas (in photos), embellies in groups of 3 and a rain related title. This was a lot of fun to do :)
Kind Regards
Hi Bree! what great photos of a rainy day in Assisi you have used for the challenge this month. I love hoy you did your title and the three little banners on each scroll :) gorgeous spotted clouds. A great bright entry....Well done! Cheers Shazza.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A fabulous entry by .......

Amanda Taylor - Count your Rainbows not your Thunderstorms

hey Shazza, finally had a go at the challenge at FS2S....... ive got all the required criteria....... a rain related title, an umbrella (on the prima sticker), do it by 3's....ive used 3 pp, 3 photos, 3 heart stickers, 3 fimo shapes (cloud buttons and coloured circle) from the chip chop shop.........and also a fabric lollipop flower from the chip chop shop as well... and this is my first attempt at making a kite......... thanks shazza, i loved this challenge, and hope you like my entry

How cool is your entry! I love the background paper you used, it totally fits with the whole theme. Those clouds from the Chip Chop Shop are just adorable. I love your rainbow too. Looks like you have covered all the criteria, great entry Amanda! .....and thanks for joining in this month! Cheers Shazza 

We have an entry today from......

Nicole - Pet Walk

Hi Shazza!
This page is for Screen 2 Scrap.  When I saw Rain I immediately thought of the Pet Walk I went on in February with my dog.  Yes of course the 1 day we get rain here in the desert has to be the day of the walk.  The rain was not a glorious feeling but raising money for homeless pets was.  For my groups of 3 I used 3 hearts I cut out of the event's brochure and I also used 3 rainbows: 1 on her coat, 1 on a tag that came with some shoes I bought, and 1 on a chipboard button by love, elsie.
Thanks for the inspiration!

What a great idea for your page Nicole, and a great fundraiser for animal charity. I see you did get wet with your clothes hanging over the bath!!! Love your groups of 3 rainbows and 3 hearts. I also love the rainbow coat on your dog too.... Great page, glad you joined us for this months challenge. Cheers Shazza

Next up with some great inspiration is.....

Holly Rogers - No Rain on Our Parade

Hi Shazza,
I'm not one to pull my camera out in the rain so it had me quite stumped. Originally I remembered a photo under an umbrella at Melbourne Cup a few years ago... but its such a close up, it doesn't really look like an umbrella. Then I remembered the prop we had on our wedding day... white paper parasols. So not umbrellas in the traditional sense, but still fitting for the challenge. We were also lucky enough to have absolutely perfect weather on our wedding day... despite a lead up of rainy weather... hence the title "No Rain on Our Parade". It was my only stress before the wedding since it was something I couldn't control. The final part of the challenge was to have lots of 3, so I have 3 photos, 3 patterned papers (including the background, as its a patterned paper in reverse with the edges distressed and folded back) and 3 flowers.
Thanks for a fab challenge.
Hi Holly! I think you wedding parasol photos are just perfect :) The title is just so fitting and I'm glad it didnt rain on your parade! Great that you did 3 photos, flowers and pp's! This is a beautiful entry and its so nice to get a wedding photo scrapped...Well done! - Cheers Shazza

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great entry today from....

Lisa Kamphuis - What a Glorious Feeling

Hi Shazza
I managed to get this months  inspiration done but I failed with some of the criterion.  If it rains here - an umbrella  wont help you!!!  So  I have NO photos with umbrellas!  So  I decided to go with Ocean spray as my  "rain" and so this is my take on this months movie.  I loved the "What a glorious feeling" so have  taken that as my title!!
Thanks as always
Lisa K

 Hey Lisa! I suppose an umbrella is not going to help you with a Queensland Downpour !!! lol. I like how you have thought out of the box and included a beach photo with ocean spray! love your flowers in three's and great idea taking a line from the title of the movie. Well done! Cheers Shazza

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A great page today from......

Liz Hocking - 3 Mates

Hi there Shazza,
Well here is my entry for Singing in the Rain!!!  I was inspired by the 3 somes and went off on a different tangent!!! Just could not fit Rain into the LO.   LOL.  Not to worry.
I have used American crafts 'pacific' cardstock and Kaiser Fun in the Sun (lol still no rain) range of patterned papers.  Also sundry umbrella paper that my friend Cheryl made brads for me.  Well that's about it.
Take care
Love Liz
Hi Liz!  Cutest entry by these three little mates :)  Like your added rainbow and your 3 brads/photos and pp's. Your 3 furry friends are adorable......Glad you joined us this month.
Good Luck! and well done! - Cheers Shazza

Monday, April 4, 2011

We have our first entry this month and its from a newbie.....

Karen Findlay - These Boots were made for Splashing

Hi Shazza, here is my entry for the singin in the rain challenge. I didn't use the same colours as the poster but I wasn't sure if I had too.

Have a great day!

Hey Karen!  It's great that you joined us this month :) You can use any colors you want for this challenge.
Looks like you have covered all the criteria...fantastic! Looks like Elizabeth likes playing in the rain!
Your large paper floers look great!...Are they punches? Well done - Cheers Shazza

Friday, April 1, 2011

Here is our Movie Extras submission for the month....

Vicky Heyninck - Raindrops are Falling

Hey Shazza,
In the submission a covered all items I think.
The pictures are my hubby and 2 daughters, on a beautiful morning I made them do this showcase for this submission.
As you can see I used every PP, embely in 3.
Hear from you soon.

Now!! introducing this months Movie Extra.......

Vicky Heyninck

My name's Vicky , I'm a married mother of 2 teenage daughters.
Scrapping became my hobby a year ago, I just love it.
My best friend (Peggy) was doing it for quit a few years now and told my to try it, but I thought I wouldn't like it.
I'm not such an creative person, but I like putting my feelings in my work. 

Kind regards
Here are some of Vicky's favourite layouts.....
In de Wolken
 Take us up.....

Turning her into...

Thanks Vicky for showing us some of your work. I love the page 'In de Wolken', lovely blue color and in the photo you look so happy!

Could everyone make Vicky welcome this month at FS2S


Here is Marys submission for the month......

Mary Steinmetz - Let it Rain

Hi Shazza,

Here is April's submission,

Title.... Let it Rain
3 pictures... check
3 embellies..   clouds, I used 2 sets of three clouds, if that doesn't work or looks fuuny
I think I could add another set of 3 clouds somewhere on the page.
3 small butterflies.... 3  bling  for my rain


Lets meet our new DT member......

Mary Steinmetz

Here is a little bit of information about Mary :)

Hi...I'm Mary Steinmetz from Wisconsin. I have been doing  
scrapbooking for about 12 years. I get my inspiration from 
my lovely family. I have 2 beautiful daughters and 2 crazy 
British shorthair cats, and my adorable hubby.
What got me into scrapbooking, is that I wanted to write a 
book, but since my writing isn't that great, I decide to 
my make story book into pictures. I have made over 7 albums 
and finally I'm doing a book on myself. I hope in years to 
come, my family will remember me and how much love I have 
poured into these books.
Here are some of Mary's favourite layouts :)
Pockets of Attributes
Welcome to FS2S Mary!
We are all so happy that you have joined our team!

I love your page'Pocket of Attributes', thats a great pic of you aswell.
I also love the page Cherish that you did of my Jenna when we did the photo swap:)

Could everyone introduce
themselves and welcome Mary to FS2S!


Here is my submission for April.......

Shazza Bishop -Life isn't About .........

I loved this months poster, it was so easy to work with. I used a Quote on my page 'Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain!
I have thee birds, 3 leaves, 3 clouds, 3 raindrops, 3 journaling spots and 3 figures cut from photos.
And umbrellas!

I hope you all ENJOY this months challenge :)

Who's next with some 'Singin in the Rain' inspiration......

Karen Williams - Umbrellas

Hi Shazza
This LO is Nancy playing with her umbrella in the garden 
- this challenge made me realise how many different sets 
of photos I have of Nancy with umbrellas ( at least four!) 
and got me to scrap a few of them- there are two other LOs 
on my blog!
Any way I think I got everything- umbrella- in photo, rain 
in the title and threes I managed three photos, three papers 
and three clumps of embellishments (it looked too bare 
otherwise) you can always dock me points if I cheated!

Look at what this DT member has come up with......

Debi Clark -The Rain was ending, and Light....

Hi Shazza,
What a great inspiration the poster from Singing in the 
Rain was! Loved the colours of it & had to introduce 
them into my LO a little bit.
The criteria was great, a rain related title & I have 
chosen a poem called The Rain was ending, and Light, 
lifting the leaden skies.  I thought it was perfect for 
these photos of my daughter in Sweden, on a very showery
evening. Love all the lights upon the trees, so magical.
Umbrella - in the photo & then 3 photos, 3 pp's, 3 
clusters of embellies & 3
Hope we see a lot of our lovely ladies works of art this 
Cheers, Deb xx

Can't help lovin' this submission from......

Sandi Robinson -Sunshine and Showers

Hi Shazza
I had great fun putting this one together & have met all the extra criteria!! Rain related title...yes! Umbrella's...yes!! & things in 3's...3 photo's, 3 brolly's, 3 clouds, 3 that enough?!! ; )
The photo's are of my elder son, taken in 2009, playing with the lawn sprinkler in the sunshine...simple pleasure!!
I dug out my seed beads & threader for the sun & swirls, the brollies & clouds were cut on my silhouette!
Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for this challenge...& what great choice of poster for April!!
Sandi x

I love this inspirational sub from....

Melissa Pablo - Showered with Love

hello miss shazza,
i've attached my layout for April's challenge. i think i've covered all the criteria for added points- i have a rain related title "showered with love", i have lots of umbrella LOL!, i did 3 photos, 3 clouds, 3  raindrops on each clouds, 3 word title. it was really fun taking on this challenge. hope you like it.
isay :D

Another Fantastic submission from .......

Jane Howden - Rain Dog Blues

Hi Shazza,
When I found out my suggestion of “Singin in the Rain” was up for this month’s inspiration I just knew which photos I had to use – these have been sitting on my computer for some time begging to be used.
I have the same general colours that appear in the poster, umbrella patterned paper, the use of a raincoat theme, a rain related title and most things come in three’s.  And the fact that it was absolutely bucketing it down in torrents when I scrapped this must count for something eh??
All the best,

Look at this inspirational sub from....

Dale Tiernan -Showers of Blessing

Hi Shazza,
Here is my sub for Singing In The Rain. It is called Showers of Blessings (tick for the rain related title). It shows us after we had just toured Westminster Abbey. It was grey and rainy outside. The facade of the Abbey is so beautiful and I wanted to show off the stoneworking so I used a lot of filigree stickers to enhance it. I've used red paper with crowns on and a fleur de leys punch as there is a lot of royalty buried in the Abbey. I've used 3 kinds of patterned paper which are from 3 different manufacturers, 3 photos, 3 shots of the blue umbrella, 3 people, 3 stickers across the bottom border and 3 words in the title.
I've included the products used on my blog entry which can be viewed at
Kind regards,

Next up is.....

Chantal Vandenberg -So Glad the Rain didn't Dampen the Day

Hi Shazza,

Please find attached my DT submission for April's movie poster "Singin' in the Rain".  I have been influenced by the curvy writing on the poster, the rain and the vertical "movement" in the painting.

I've included all three criteria;

1. Rain-related title (So glad the Rain didn't dampen the day)

2. Umbrella/s - I've got three - a felt umbrella, an umbrella brad and the umbrella in the photo

3. Let's do it in 3's - 3 x brads,
3 x photos, 3 x doilies, 3 x types of alphas, 3 x brands of pp & 3 x felt embellies

I really enjoyed this challenge, I love this movie and I've watched it many times!  Great inspiration this month!!!

Kind regards,


Look at this great submission from.....

Jennifer Manis -Under my Umbrella

Hi Shazza,
I loved this month's challenge!  My page is titled, "Under My Umbrella", which qualifies for the rain related title criteria, as well as the 'do it in 3's' criteria.  I tried to use 3's all over my page- 3 patterned papers,  clusters of 3 different embellishments, 3 pics.  I had to include my birdy, Athena in the page, because she is an Umbrella Cockatoo.  I am ready for Spring, so I just wanted to make a fun, bright & happy page!
Thanks  :)