Monday, May 31, 2010

This months movie poster is 'Fried Green Tomatoes'......

Added Criteria

Theme: Scrap about an important woman in your life

Movie Diva Demand for an extra 6 bonus points

1) Have a green title - 1 pt

2) Use Green and Red as 'feature' colors on your layout - 2pts

3) Have a tomatoe on your page - 3pts (can be a teeney weeney one!)

(the criteria is optional, you dont have to do this but it does give you the extra bonus points)


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Showcase of 'Fried Green Tomatoes' entries :)

Well done ladies, what a fantastic effort for May.....
You have out done yourselves again. I love those 'Fried Green Tomatoes' layouts, such fantastic entries and lots of creativity here this month, choosing the winners is going to be extra hard for the DT and I...........

I am always pleased with the number of entriesat FS2S and May is no exception , we had 6 new ladies give this challenge a go..........Thankyou to everyone who entered this month, we had 17 fantastic entries all up, which is just an amazing effort, so I can only thankyou all for participating and helping to make this challenge site so AWESOME!! I hope you all enjoyed the challenge and look forward to you all playing along again in June :)

In no particular order, here is a blog roll of all the 'Fried Green Tomatoes' layouts for the month! This helps the Design Team with the judging of entries :) So hang in there, it will be a couple of days before we get back to you with all the winners !!!

I will start posting Junes inspiration shortly whilst we wait for all the voting :)
So, Here goes..........

Aileen Herne - Green One

Anita Bownds - Big Red

Belinda Boyce - This is my Mum

Cathy Cafun - Sisters

Chantel Vandenberg - Always Mummy

Cynthia Seguin - Sisters by Marriage

Dale Tiernan - On the Menu

Deb Clark - So Fresh n Fun

Irit Shalom - First Grader - Wow! Haircut

Jacqui Miles - Great Grandchild Number 4 Horus...

Jennifer Manis - Mom

Lisa Kamphius - Dear Nana Flo

Mary Steinmetz - Sisters

Melissa O'Neill - Amanda and Me

Robin Jenkins - Best Sister*Friends

Sarah Elliot - A Family is a Patchwork of Love

Sonia Bowers - Love


Thursday, May 27, 2010

We have a last minute entry from........

Deb Clark - So Fresh and Fun

Hi Shazza,
Well, I have enjoyed looking at the Screen 2 Scrap blog & thought I would join in..........
The woman in my life who I admire very, very much is my darling daughter. Using the red & green critera was a great colour combo, & had so much fun with this layout....bit of fabric, stitching,laces & bits & bobs, plus a little speech bubble saying 'whatevs', something Jade says & then laughs...& the laughing is what is important hey!
Thank you for the fab challenge. Cheers, Deb Clark

Hi Deb!
What a great entry for this months challenge! Lts to look at on this page, I love the little speech bubble :) You have gone to a lot of trouble with your stitching and added lace. A lovely page for Jade, I bet she will love it! Great work!! - Shazza

Entries for 'Fried Green Tomatoes' will close Friday 28th May at midnight. If you want to play along, you have 1 days to get your entry in :)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here is my VEry,Very very late submission.....

Shazza Bishop - The Ring

hi Ladies!
So sorry my submission is late........better late than never :)
I'm really struggling to catch up on some layouts that I have fallen behind on. It's also very basic, red and green, green title and my fat tomato. The layout shows my mum and my daughter at my daughters 21st recently. My mother gave Jenna a ring given to my grandma when she turned 21 exactly 90 years ago. Mum got a bit emotional as my grandma has the patience of Jobe and was a loving caring woman and she said she hoped it instilled some of these beautiful qualities in my daughter by wearing the ring.......

Entries for 'Fried Green Tomatoes' will close Friday 28th May at midnight. If you want to play along, you have 5 days to get your entry in :)


Sunday, May 23, 2010

WOW! Another fantastic layout to share, this time from .....

Melissa O'Neill - Amanda and Me

Hi Shazza, this is my entry for this months challenge, I chose to do a layout on Amanda Taylor and myself and our addiction to scrapping. Loved the challenge, thank you. Melxx

What a great topic for your entry Mel, and a great page! Amanda's going to love this entry! Yep you both are addicted lol Love the silhouette firgure of the hip lady! Well done!! - Shazza

Entries for 'Fried Green Tomatoes' will close Friday 28th May at midnight. If you want to play along, you have 5 days to get your entry in :)


Here is a great layout from......

Anita Bownds - Big Red

hi shazza
I've done my layout useing a photo of our car because my hubby calls her big red! Yep he calls it a girl :)
I so think that is funny.... - Anita

Great page Anita, looks like you have covered everything .....nice car :) Love your huge tomato!
Glad you could play along this month and good luck! - Cheers Shazza


Entries for 'Fried Green Tomatoes' will close Friday 28th May at midnight. If you want to play along, you have 5 days to get your entry in :)


We have another entry today from......

Aileen Herne - Green One

Hi Shazza

Something a little different for the challenge this month


Hey Aileen!.... I like different, and I like ladies that have a go at the harder challenges. Would love to know where the photo was taken! Wow! a huge tomatoe on your page :) Well done and thanks for playing along. Cheers Shazza

Another layout to share.......

Jacqui Miles - Great Grandchild number 4 Horus...

Hi shazza,
This is my LO for Mays Screen to Scrap Challenge I have
used a photo of my Husbands Nan who passed away on May
the 1st 2010 with her 4th great grandchild Horus I have
used a green title and also the red and green colours
on my LO but sorry no red Tomato!! thanks for the
challenge it was lots of fun
Jacqui :)

Sorry, to hear about your husbands Nan passing away
recently :( you have made a beautiful memory page!
Love your flower, did you make it? Great work!!
Thanks for having a go at the challenge this month
and good luck! Cheers Shazza

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We have a great entry today from .....

Robin Jenkins - Best Sister - Friends

Hi Shazza!
I hope this is the right address to send this LO to you for the "Fried Green Tomatoes" inspiration poster. I immediately thought of my daughter, Temple and her BFF, Tatiana. These two girls have been fast friends since the moment they met more than 3 yrs ago. They are always plotting their sleepovers and outings, and they love each other like sisters! I also managed to showcase a tomato in the middle of the LO!
Best regards,

Hey Robin, Yep you sent it to the correct email address lol This has come up a treat, gorgeous and colorful! I love your hand made flowers you added, and the tag. Temple and Tatiana make gorgeous BFF's. Thanks for joining in this month, Well done! - Shazza

Sunday, May 16, 2010

We have a layout from a newbie........

Irit Shalom - First Grader - "Wow" Haircut


Hey Irit, nice to see you here, with another gorgeous layout. I love the background pp you used on this page as it really suits your 'First Grader' theme. The red and white spotted pp really stands out against the background pp. Love 'Ortals' little bob haircut :) The red and green has come up well on this page. Great job of the challenge - Shazza

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have a look at this creative layout from..........

Sarah Elliott - A Family is a Patchwork of Love

I went with a sewing theme... the 1st Tomato thing I thought of was the infamous Tomato Pincushion. I um... did wound one in the making of this page.
I sliced it in 1/2 then attached it to the page along with a thimble, part of a measuring tape, buttons, thread, needle and... of course, some pins! ;O)
The background is 'patched' together out of Photos and Paper. The Stitching between the patches is Liquid Applique I let dry over night then heated to make it 'puff'.
ALL the title is Hand-Stitched (Can you say "owww!!!") with Green Plastic Canvas Wool and Red Embroidery Floss. I ran some lighter Green Paint over the Title to give it a little more 'pop'.
A Family is Patchwork of Love!!!

Oh Sarah!! there is so much work in this layout and how clever of you to put together a patch work theme. Love all the little sewing embellies you added. I love your hand stitched title, the layout has turned out fabulous.... You must be very pleased with the end result!
Great work - Shazza

Monday, May 10, 2010

We have another great layout from.......

Belinda Boyce - This is my Mum

HI Shazza
Heres my May entry. Lots of red with very little green! Just couldnt work anymore in!!! Green title and no tomato im afraid. Still had lots of fun with this one though. Thanks - Belinda Boyce

Great layout for this months challenge Belinda, I love all the red with just a touch of green! Nice photo of your mum :) I also love your single bloom, it's just the right embellie for the page. I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge. Good luck! - Shazza

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here is a Fab! entry from a newbie.........

Sonia Bowers - Love

Wow, this month's theme just suited me to a tea.....was so happy with it and jumped in and got even shows of my New Flowers that I have created and stocking over at Forever Always I was totally in the RED and Green zone ....after watching Fried Green Tomatoes, with added Criteria if we scrapped an important woman in your life...who can be more important than my Mum and My Daughter - my inspirations.!!! Also had to include a green title, Yep got that one, and Green and Red as the feature colours yep and yep....and then the killer include a tomato on the page....well it's there - can you spot wally the tomato {it's a transparency} that's the clue and it even has some green leaves still on it too. But it is there.... - Sonia

What a great take on the challenge Sonia... I love those photos of your mum and daughter and what great embellishments you have used. Your red flower from your new flower range looks fantastic and is just perfect for the color combo theme.......... I'm loven those flowers!!! A great stand out page! - cheers Shazza

Here is an entry from last months winner!!

Cathy Cafun - Sisters

Here is my page for "Fried Green Tomatoes" May movie poster. The important woman in my life is my sister. This is a very rare photo as we both hate having our photo taken. I really love this pic as we both look happy. I managed all the criteria. I used teal green and red in beautiful Prima pp's and flowers. There is a tomatoe in amongst the flowers at the top of the page. Hard to see, but it's there and a teal green title. TFL - Cathy Cafun

Stunning page Cathy, I love the Prima pp you used its suits the color theme perfectly :) The photo of you and your sister is just beautiful and yes, you do both look happy! I can see your tomatoe at the top of the page, so all criteria met. Thanks for playing along again you've done a great job - Shazza

Today we have another entry from a newbie.....

Mary Steinmetz - Sisters

Hi Shazza,
Here is my layout, I If hope you like it.
It's so funny I have never seen this movie before, so what I did, I google the famous quotes, and here is what I came up with.
"I found out what the secret to life is Friends....Best Friends"
This is a picture of me (blue tank, yes I'm blonde in this picture.) with my 4 sisters taken the summer of 1990.
I'm am so close to my sisters it like a circle of friendship.
Have a great day. -MAry

Hey Mary! Of course I like it , you've done a great job, and followed the criteria to a tee.......I can see your tomatoe in the bottom L/H corner lol. A great theme to scrap to.........'you and your sisters'. You should grab a copy of the movie it's really a great flick!! Thanks for joining in and good luck when we do our voting at the end of the month. - Shazza

Monday, May 3, 2010

We have a layout from a newbie........

Cynthia Seguin - Sisters by Marriage

Hi Shazza,

My layout is of me and my sister-in-law Michelle. Neither one of us grew up with a sister (we had *ugh* brothers!), so we were happy to forge a sister-like friendship over the years since I started dating (and subsequently married) her brother.To fulfill the requirements:

My title has a green background and green lettering

My colours are predominantly red and green

I have a tiny green tomato ;)

Thanks for posting such a great challenge… I look forward to taking part in many more!

Warm regards, Cynthia

What a great page Cynthia. I love what you have done with this challenge. A great pic of you and your Sister-in-Law. I love all the swirls and flowers and your little tomatoe :)
Great work - Shazza

Heres another entry this time from....

Chantal Vandenberg - Mummy

Hi Shazza,
Here is my take on May's movie poster "Fried Green Tomatoes"; "Mummy".
As the theme is to scrap about an important woman in your life, I chose my Mum - and my page features a vintage photo of my Mum and I. For extra points I covered all the criteria - 1. Green Title, 2. Use Green and Red as "feature" colours, 3. Have a tomatoe on your page (note where the very hungry caterpillar is coming
I think you can tell... I had a awesome fun time with this page!!! Thanks Shazza! Cheers, Chantal Vandenberg

Wow Chantal! This looks so cool and colorful, a real mixed media piece :) How cute is that catterpillar, and you have your tomatoe too! This is great! Cheers Shazza

We have a great entry today from .....

Jennifer Manis - Mom

Hi Shazza! I had fun with this month's challenge, and I love the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes". My Mom is definitely the most important woman in my life, so I used this photo of her I have been wanting to scrap. I even found a tomato sticker! My layout is titled, 'Mom'. Thanks, Jennifer Manis

Great layout Jennifer for this months challenge. I can see the resemblance of you in your mom. Lucky finding a sticker to use on your layout, this has come together well. Great work - Shazza

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Here is our second entry for the month......

Dale Tiernan - On the Menu

Hi Shazza, Here is my layout. I've got all the criteria. No teeny weeny tomatoes for me. The important woman is me. I take very seriously my role as food provider for my family. My eldest son (not the one in the pic) has serious food allergies. Eating out is no easy feat. Eating at a pizza restaurant is really a big deal. Kind regards, - Dale

Hey Dale, this looks fantastic, what a great page.....and I love your BIG tomatoe lol. I can understand the importance of being the food provider when someone in your family has food allergies, its not an easy task... I really admire you! Well done and thanks for your entry! Cheers Shazza

Here is out First entry for the month.....

Lisa Kamphuis - Dear Nana Flo

Hi babe
I was doing my blog checks this morning and saw your new May challege and I knew straight away who I wanted to scrap - my dear sweet nana who passed away when my eldest was just 1. I often think she is up there looking out for me. We had a special relationship with me being the first grandchild. Lucky me - she was a fabulous woman - Thanks, Lisa Kamphuis

Hey hun! lol
This is beautiful Lisa, I'm glad your Nana Flo was special to you, and you had a great relationship with her :) What a lovely photo of her watching your son playing. Love your cut out flowers and that bling swirl is just gorgeous. Thanks for playing along. Well done, Shazza