Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We have another great entry today from......

Marisa Page - Rainy Day

Hi Shazza,
I decided to played along for this months challenge.
We have been having so many rainy days up here were I am,
that this months poster was so perfect to scrap some of the photos I have taken.
For my digital layout I have included a ‘rainy day’ title.
A couple of umbrellas, 3 papers, 3 sets of 3 buttons and 3 other embellishments
a clock, an old photo and a tag.
Thanks for a great poster to work with.
Thanks Marisa for you entry! Its great to see you back again :)
The area where you live looks very cold and miserable.
I love your Silohouette figure holding the umbrella. 
Great that you managed to cover all the criteria.
Well done!  Cheers Shazza


  1. Great silhoette Marisa and good grouping of 3's too.

  2. A fab title Marisa & a great idea in all this wet weather too!
    Love your figure with the brolley, brilliant colour choice & your rainy photos. Great take on the inspiration!

  3. Yep, no shortage of wet weather photos this year. It's been awful. Great take on the challenge - glad you could play along.

  4. love this! i love the touch of blues and the silhouette is awesome! great title work. so happy you can join us.

  5. Loving your page Marissa, and that silhouette of the umbrella person is totally awesome!

  6. I agree with these girls. My favourite part is the silhouetted figure. Great touch. But a lovely page altogether :-)

  7. I'm so impressed with all the texture you've achieved with a digi LO!! Like everyone else I love that blue silhouetted figure!! :)

  8. Love the silhouette!! Very pretty color combo. Lovely! :)

  9. Love the silhouette, beautiful layout.