Friday, April 1, 2011

Now!! introducing this months Movie Extra.......

Vicky Heyninck

My name's Vicky , I'm a married mother of 2 teenage daughters.
Scrapping became my hobby a year ago, I just love it.
My best friend (Peggy) was doing it for quit a few years now and told my to try it, but I thought I wouldn't like it.
I'm not such an creative person, but I like putting my feelings in my work. 

Kind regards
Here are some of Vicky's favourite layouts.....
In de Wolken
 Take us up.....

Turning her into...

Thanks Vicky for showing us some of your work. I love the page 'In de Wolken', lovely blue color and in the photo you look so happy!

Could everyone make Vicky welcome this month at FS2S



  1. Hey Vicky, glad to see you here!

  2. Welcome Vicky. I think you're pretty creative.

  3. welcome Vicky- love the style you have- really imaginatitve

  4. Hi Vicky! I'd say you're pretty creative too!!! I love the 'Art Journal' feel to your LO's...I love them all but especially 'Take Us Up' that's really clever!!!

  5. Welcome Vicki, your layouts are very creative,my favorite one is the first one of you and your hubby. There all great.

  6. Welcome Vicki, & hope you enjoy your time with us.
    I love your work, love that great creativeness that shines though - great ideas!

  7. Hi Vicky! so glad to have you with us this month. love your fun and whimsical LO's very creative indeed.