Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Heres another submission from.......

Amanda Taylor - Childhood Adventures in Wonderland

hey shazza, finally got this done................i put a spin on the title with Childhood adventures in Wonderland...journalling says your childhood is just one big happy and funfilled wonderland of adventure, enjoy it, because all too soon it will be gone and you wont get it back......ive got a white rabbit, a drink me bottle(on the book page)and a clock.....i tore pages out of an alice in wonderland book to keep with the theme.....................thanks hope you like this as much as i liked doing it,

Hey Amanda!
I like the photo of Connor you have used, it looks like he is looking for that white rabbit :) love the pages you used from the old book and the title is snazzy. Glad you enjoyed this months challenge! - Cheers Shazza


  1. Love it Amanda and the fact you are using Boy pictures is FANTASTIC as it means people can interpret the movie ANYWAY they want.

  2. Amanda, that is such a great layout, you've really worked the theme well. Your journalling is heartfelt. Yahh you