Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here's our Fourth entry from.....

Sarah Elliott - Stepping through the Looking Glass and Falling down the Rabbit Hole...

I'm so in lurrve with this movie.
Any chance to use it as inspo makes Sarah a very happy gurl!
I started this layout by using an old Free-Cycled frame for the 'mirror'. I cut the 'glass' from some plastic packaging (My Mother's Day bubble baths), I wanted it a little scuffed and scratched so it looked like older glass. I then glued the photo at the back of the frame with a gap, to get the 'looking through the other side of a mirror' feel.
I marked where the frame was going on the page then started building the 'Rabbit Hole' from there. The Rabbit Hole was created using ripped then inked brown cardstock... I built it up in a spiral coming out from the 'mirror', finishing with green inked Mulberry Paper 'grass'.
The roots are vines off a grapevine wreath.
The flowers are all cardstock stickers ($1 store!) I wanted to get the bright, big flower, chaotic garden feeling from the movie.
Then I started to work on the sh-tuff in the tunnel.
Hats for my many roles, books, housework (ugh!), Kids, my wedding and friends, gardening, my hobbies, my SteamPunk obsession and a few other odds & ends that represent my life.
I have a couple of watches, the white bunny, the bottle, the door and the gold key...
MUCH Alice-ness.
In choosing to Step Through the Looking Glass...
and Falling Down the Rabbit Hole...
I've found my MUCHNESS.
I just loooooooved doing this one!

Sarah this is incredible, the work that has gone into this is amazing! I love the ladies legs, the tricycle, books, flying clock etc etc....... I can just imagine it all swirling around as your falling down the rabbit hole! I love your white rabbit too! This is so impressive, I love it when my DT's have a go at the challenges......I'm so glad you've found your MUCHNESS! - Cheers Shazza


  1. Geez Louise!! Amazing!
    I can totally see how you used the inspiration and love your 'looking glass' especially, and all the fun and colour in the flowers :-)

  2. omg this is awesome, lovin it all

  3. Wow! Awesome layout! Very fun to look at!

  4. WOW, I just don't know what to say other than Wow.

  5. Sarah you have adapted alice into a most gorgeous layout... it's so much fun, there is alot of absorb and your interpretation is so artsy. Love it! Thanks for enjoying the creative process and sharing with us.

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  7. A wonderful,wonderous,wonderland layout! A clever take on the rabbit hole idea.

  8. Sarah you certainly have created an interesting layout, love all of it!