Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here is our first entry for the month from......

Dale Tiernan - Enchanted Journey

Hi Shazza, Finally got to send you my layout entitled Enchanted Journey. I loved this month's poster. The photo is of me in my Nan's backyard. I have the same pose as Alice and am also wearing a blue dress. I've used a page from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a Queen of Hearts note and Q with a crown. Also I have a clock, white rabbit and bottle. I've used Webster's Pages Garden Gala - Tea Time to represent the Mad Hatter's Tea Party in the background and some flowers. Regards, Dale

Hi Dale! What a great entry to start the challenge off! The photo just suits perfectly. I love that you even added a teacup (Mad Hatters Tea Party lol) and managed all the criteria as well. Well done!! - Shazza


  1. Wonderful LO and I LOVE the picture and what you have done with it.

  2. Love your patterned paper choice. It's just perfect! Great layout :-)

  3. Lovely layout! Cute pic too!

  4. Gorgeous work Dale, I love the picture of you old school! wish I had more of those piccies from days past. Well done on using an actual page from Alice in Wonderland. I love what you've done.