Saturday, June 5, 2010

Here is another great 'Alice' themed entry from....

Chantal Vandenberg - Books... are a Wonderland

Hi Shazza,
Here's my layout inspired by the stunning Alice in Wonderland movie poster. It's Alice in Wonderland themed, with actual book pages and drawings from Alice in Wonderland, it's titled "Books... are a Wonderland", I was inspired by the blues, pinks, and greens in the poster as well as the grass and forest "feel". I have also covered the bonus point criteria... 1) A white rabbit (bottom right), 2) A fob watch (in rabbit's hand), 3) Drink "me" bottle (behind rabbit in corner). Thanks for another exciting and inspiring challenge! :D

Love this Chantal, you always come up with a gorgeous colorful page....can see you added all the criteria. Your white rabbit is so cute! Love the photos you used, Is that your daughter? Really like your title! Well done - Shazza


  1. Very nice Chantel, I think I am getting to recognise your work now. Great take on the inspiration poster.

  2. Oh, thankyou everyone for your kind comments! :D Shazza, yes that's my daughter, Heidi, in the photos... she's 2. :D

  3. Gorgeous Chantal, I love your use of bright and bold colours.. fabulous!!!

  4. Love your colorful page! Great layout!

  5. Very bright and colorful Chantal :)

  6. Fantastic as always. Love the collage feel to it.