Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another 'Alice' inspired layout, from........

Cynthia Seguin - Vada in Wonderland

Hi Shazza,

I was so jazzed after last month that I couldn't wait to
attack this one!!!

I loved the idea of taking new perspective on a
traditional event. This photo is from my daughter's
baptism. Instead of talking about the solemnity of the
Church service etc.... The theme inspired me to focus
on the WONDER that my daughter experienced as she met
all the crazy characters in our family, many for the
first time, at this event.

Here are my added criteria for extra 6 bonus points

1) A white rabbit = His ears are poking out of the
top of the photo - he is holding the journalling
behind the photo.
2) A clock or a fob watch = In the cluster at the
bottom right.
3) Drink 'me' bottle = Also in the cluster in the
bottom right.

Warm regards,
Cynthia Seguin
Hi Cynthia, Really love your take on the challenge this month.
Great idea using that photo and look at the look of
amazement/wonder on your daughters face, she is such cutie :)
Your rabbit ears poking up from the photo add a special touch,
love that idea too! Glad you got all the added criteria :)
Great page! - Shazza


  1. this is soooo gorgeous, love that photo, just too cute

  2. Cute! I love the dragonflies, and the picture is precious!

  3. oh this is so sweet! Love the bunny ears peeking from behind the photo :)

  4. What a beautiful subtle coloured layout, it's great what inspires us to think outside the square as you have. Very pretty.

  5. I'm totally loving the dragonflies... gorgeous page!

  6. what a super-cute photo! and I love those bunny ears poking out the top :-)

  7. How did i not see this, LOVE it Cynthia.