Sunday, March 4, 2012

Here is Debi Clarks submission....

Debi Clark - Don't Feed the Birds

Hello Shazza,
Wow March has rolled around so quickly...the year is 
spinning along again!
I really enjoyed working on my LO, as I found this 
movie poster really inspirational! I also love 
monochromatic layouts & found working on this
photo a breath of fresh air! 
This photo of Traflagar Square in London was taken at 
Christmas 2005 when I was there, & there are a few 
pidgeons in the foreground.  But the birds are
discouraged to flock there now, so decided that would 
be my title, & in white alphas too.  I have misted 
my cardstock blue, & added white or pale blue 
I hope to see lots of pages for this great challenge.
Cheers, Debi


  1. Deb, I love all your London photos and I especially love this one of Trafalgar Square and the birds. Love the title you used!

  2. When I went there were an awful lot of birds. I can understand them wanting to discourage them. Great topic to scrap. Love your little flying bird too.

  3. Like your misting Debi - great effect.

  4. Great photos of London, that one of my dreams trips, (bucket List).
    Beautiful LO.

  5. Wonderful photo and I like the lace and misting..adds a nice, soft touch.

  6. I love every aspect of this layout Debi and the photo finishes it off perfectly!