Sunday, September 27, 2009

MOVIE Trivia Quiz - For a bit of fun!

How well do you know the movie 'Home Alone' - Test your knowledge about the movie!!


Open to everyone - followers of this blog site, entrants and DT members, international scrappers welcome!

Email answers to: (Home Alone Trivia Quiz in subject line)

Quiz closes midnight Wednesday 30th September

All correct answers will go into a hat and a winner will be drawn

Prize = RAK of goodies


All answers can be found on the internet... hint.......use google!
Unless of course you know the answers!

Question One - Where does Kevin live?

a) New York
b) Chicago
c) Seattle
d) Los Angeles

Question Two - Where are the McCallisters going on vacation in 'Home Alone'?

a) New York
b) California
c) Florida
d) Paris

Question Three - What kind of drink was Fuller drinking?

a) Pepsi
b) Coke
c) 7-Up
d) Sprite

Question Four - What did Kevin eat before the bad guys arrived?

a) Chocolate Cake
b) Cheese balls
c) cheese Macaroni
d) Lasagna

Question Five - What is Kevin's mothers first name?

a) Karen
b) Katheryn
c) Kate
d) Joan

Question Six - What did Kevin accidentally take from the drug store?

a) Gum
b) Nothing
c) Candy
d) Toothbrush

Question Seven - what are the Bad Guy's names?

a) Harry and Marv
b) Duncan and Marv
c) Harry and Duncan

Question Eight - Home Alone is directed by:

a) Daniel Stern
b) Chris Columbus
c) John Hughes
d) Devin Ratray

Question Nine - The wax and plastic artificial snow used in the film was given to the Lyric Opera of...

a) Detroit
b) Los Angeles
c) Chicago
d) Boston

Question Ten - The role of Uncle Frank was originally written for who?

a) John Hughes
b) Kelsey Grammer
c) Joe Pesci
d) Robert De Niro


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  1. Great questions there!
    Have given it a go, hope they are right!
    Vanilla :)