Friday, April 23, 2010

Here is number 20 entry for the month...well done!!

Talia Lynette - Little Miss New Dress

Hey shazza
I thought i would try a digi layout this time!
I think I will stick to using my real scrap stuff LOL
I enjoyed using yellow, I dont think I've ever used it! (:
- Talia Lynette

Talia, great job on your digi, I admire anyone that has a go at digi's cause I would not even know where to start lol. Gorgeous film frame across the top and love the silhoutted shapes, the Ace of hearts card and daisy just add a nice touch. Fab work!! - Shazza


  1. Talia, if that is your first ever digi, I am more than impressed, well done! The yellow is very striking and I live the butterfly and stamped effect! Don't give up, I hope to see more of your digi work in the following months!

  2. love it talia, and a stunning first go at digi, im with shazza, wouldnt know where to start with digi

  3. I am not normally a digi fan but this is really really good Talia. To be honest I didn't realise it was digi.

  4. Very bright Talia! Great to try digi...I'm too scared.

  5. wow awesome digital layout Talia!

  6. love the film strip across the top - certainly very fitting for the theme. I'm always in awe of someone who can do a good digital layout. Well done!

  7. Just Beautiful Talia. You have really worked this LO and it looks great. Great digi.