Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here is Chantal's submission for Octobert....

Chantal Vandenberg - Scared

Hello Shazza,

Well I had a total blast doing this one - what fun! :D  Here is my layout "Scared" inspired by the Hitchcock classic and one of my all-time favourite scary movies, "Psycho".  I have been inspired by the large photo, bold red lettering, the theme and I just had to have my photo in black and white... for the full Hitchcockian effect!!!
I've also included all the criteria too; 1. Spooky House - it's in the photo and the subject of the layout; 2. A silhouette figure (bottom left) - a really great idea too for spooky pages!!!; 3. One word title split in half - another great idea!!!
Fantastic challenge - LOVED it!

Chantal Vandenberg


  1. Those scared children are priceless - I bet they had the best time posing for this shot. Love your layout Chantal - awesome job.

  2. Love these colours, red & purple with the B & W together & what a photo - great faces!! Fabulous scary work!

  3. great work Chantel, great colours and the photo is gorgeous

  4. Thanks girls! Yes Jane, they really did have a blast - my eldest looked more "scared" than I bargained for - it's really cool and fun! :D

  5. Perfect...just Perfect!! What little stars they are...I see Oscars in the future for these two!! LOL!!! Fabulous work on that title too! :)

  6. Fantastic work, you did amazing job on the photo, your daughter looks like Wednesday on the Adams Family show.

  7. Wow thanks so much for all the lovely comments! :D