Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Here is Sandi's submission for December....

Happy Christmas Nanny!

Hi Shazza
  Attached is my submission for Decembers 'White Christmas' challenge...I had a great time putting this one together & it was good to use a 'less than perfect' photo that otherwise wouldn't have made it onto a LO!! It's one of my elder son talking to his Nanny on Christmas day. It was the first year she wasn't with us on Christmas morning as the snow had made the roads too bad for her to travel to us. We did Christmas all over again at the end of January to make up for it!!!
As for criteria...1. White CS...check! (no problem there as it's one of my favourite starting points!!) 2. A two Colour title...check...red glitter & black puffy alpha's. 3. Christmas hat(s)...well there is only one but as the photo cut it off I added a felt extension & bobble to meet the criteria!!! Hope that counts!!
  Sandi x


  1. I adore your stamped background Sandi with all your embelllies layered so gorgeously on top. What a lovely title & your photo does look great here too.
    Merry Christmas to you & yours, & see you again in 2012!

  2. Another stunner from you Sandi. Love your work.

  3. Thank you both for those kind words!!

  4. I always enjoy your LOs. I love the hat extension you made. It looks great and really adds a little something extra to the LO.

  5. Love it Sandi, this is a standout.