Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now if you thought Peggy's layouts were amazing, you are all in for a treat!

This is Peggy's submission for the month....unbelievable!!

So sit back, grab a cuppa, and get ready to be amazed............

There is a little story that goes along with it :)

This is what Peggy had to say.............

Hi Shazz,
I finally was able to finish the album today! I made 8 15x30 pages, that's the equivalent of 4 LO's ... Hahaha, I'm making excuses here for being so late, I know, I know LOL.
About the challenge... As you know I've been following your challenges for quite some time now, and every time I see your inspiration poster, images of a LO and pictures I want to use immediately pop into my head ... NOT this time though ... I was completely lost!! I don't have any "pirate" pictures, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to make. I looked at the poster more closely, and noticed the bandana ... Now I DID have pictures of the kids wearing some sort of bandana. Going through these pics, an idea started to grow to make a pirate's story from these pics, so that's what I did, I made a children's mini-album.
I added two skulls (three actually, if you count the little one in the stamped flag in the pic on page 2), I had a parrot but forgot to glue it down (??!!!), I've stamped a little pirate's sword in one of the dream bubbles, and I did add a boat, but it's a sailing boat, so I don't think that count's as a pirate's ship LOL.
The journaling is in dutch, as I made this album for my kids. However, since it's a story, the journaling is important, so I'll give you the translation of each page:

"The Pirates of Crete"

"After thoroughly studying the treasure map, the courageous pirates start their quest."

"The adventure is tough ... Mountains have to be climbed, angry seas have to be crossed... But the little pirates don't give up!"

"The pirates are being attacked by the feared old mummies with their water guns, but our littlest pirate immediately counter-attacks, and she shows no mercy!"

"Finally arriving on their place of destination, the pirates zealously start digging."

"Exhausted from all that digging, the pirates decide to take a little break..."

"That nap did wonders! Now a little bite to eat, a drink and a dessert, and then back to work!"

"... And all of their hard work is rewarded: they find the treasure! Just look how proud and happy they are!".

I had so much fun with this challenge ... This is what challenges are all about, making you think outside the box, making your imagination work, even if at first you don't have any clue as to what to make! So thanks for the inspiration Shazza, I love my album, and so do my kids!
Xxx Peggy


  1. Wow this is just gorgeous, OMG incredible actually, I love everything, clever lady.

  2. OMG this is amazing, love it Peggy!

  3. Oh, don't you just LOVE a challenge where you can't work out what to do. Like you said, it made you think outside of the box and this is jsut an AMAZING result.

  4. omg im in awe, loving it all. awesome stuff

  5. Hmmmmm-- I think it was worth having No idea - THIS ROCKS

  6. FABULOUS, no wonder your children love it, I do too !! Great work !

  7. Isn't our girl AMAZING?!?!? She never ceases to woo me!!!!

  8. Blimey 4 layouts - you go girl they are fantastic

  9. Fantastic Peggy! What a great idea! well done!