Friday, November 4, 2011

Come meet our Movie Extra for the month.....


Hello everyone! I am Mazlina, currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I started scrapbooking 3 years ago and was hooked since. I took a year break when we moved to Melbourne last year, but I am up and running again now. My family is my muse, especially my 6yo son and 3yo daughter. I just love how scrapbooking captured the precious moments in a beautiful way. I love to use bright colors and play with lots of paper combination. Thank you for having me as November Movie Extra. It's a great movie poster, and perfect to capture your family photos. 

Here is Mazlina's blog address:

Love Grows

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 Somewhere only we know

 Our Love is all we need

Could everyone make Mazlina welcome at ARTastic and dont forget to check out her blog at  

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I just love your style Mazlina, its just beautiful, i love how you capture those prescious family moments. :) - shazza 

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