Thursday, November 3, 2011

Next, is Karens submission...

Karen Williams - At Home with the Ladies

hi Shazza

this one posed a few problems for me- mainly the photo- I had some great photos from Stanley's recent birthday of him and his cousins but my printer is not playing ball- so then I looked through my old family photos and found not much at all- i don't seem to have any photos with all the family together that I cloud combine with a title that included the word home- i had photos of us out, photos of us at parties and photos from funerals ( is it just my family that takes photos at funerals?)

So this photo was my last resort- my Mum, Nan, Stanley and me posing together in the pre digital age- so no chance to realise Mum's eyes were closed and Stanley was looking the wrong way. But I'm very grateful for the photo- I don't have Mum and Nan any more- they never got to meet my other two children - so I'm just pleased to have it at all- Nan was wearing a wig in the photo because she was struggling with cancer when the picture was taken.

Hope it s OK 



  1. Lovely page - I'd much rather see imperfect photos that mean something than perfect shots with no story!

  2. Layouts that come from the heart are the very best kind - this one is special - well done.

  3. What a lovely family gathering. Great idea putting the tags behind the photo. Over all beautiful LO.

  4. Great title and the colors go well with the photo. All I usually have are imperfect photos, so I'm a firm believer in the story behind the photo! :-)