Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Here is Mary's layout for the month...

Mary Steinmetz - Once Upon a Time

Hi Shazza,
Here is my page, my juurnaling reads:
Here is my story: I met Kelly in a local bar. I was stranded, sittig on a bar stool, my girlfriend got upset and just walked out on me. So here  I am sitting here enjoying the loud rock-an-roll  music, thinking how am I going to get home. well, across the bar was this handsome long hair dude, just staring at me. I just gave him a smile and lifted my glass to toast to him, saying it's empty, then all of a sudden there was a full drink sitting right in front of me with a note saying come join me for a dance, and boy did we dance. We had dated for 10 years. Now we have been married for 25 years this coming fall. That's my fairy tale story.

I used a photo of our enagement picture.

Hugs from Wisconsin


  1. I love this story Mary! And such a great layout! xo

  2. You party girl! Lovely photo of you both.

  3. Great story & such a starry, romantic page!! :D