Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Paparazzi Attack!!

Just minding my own business and Flash! Flash!.....Snap.

This time I have been caught dying my hair whilst eating a wagon wheel........................not a good look at all!!!

It's a SHOCKER!!

I swear I'm going to SUE!!!


  1. Wagon wheel?! PAH! That is the biggest trout pout I've ever seen!!!

  2. lol...Shazza I think you better start hiding, the press really has it in for you :)

  3. Gotta watch out... those paparazzi are everywhere! LOL... which reminds me, I'd better do my hair too! :)

  4. Shazza I think you might start a new craze! The wagon wheel is a good look!!! LOL

    Notice you didn't share them round though!

    Off to buy my own wagon wheels!

    See ya later!