Sunday, August 2, 2009

The After Party and more........

Hi Ladies,

How are you all feeling this morning. I, myself are a bit weary, stayed up far tooo late partying on at the Red Carpet Premier afterparty. It was great rubbed shoulders with a few calebs, drank far too much, talked far to much (throat is a bit croaky this morning) but hey, I'm here and ready to put up the next Quiz.

.... and ladies guess who was buying me drinks all night, this strange looking man with red hair sticking out everywhere and wearing this huge top hat..............Funny though.... every time he went up to the bar, he brought me back a steaming hot cup of tea....... couldn't work that one out!!!
I think he had had too muny cups of tea cause during the course of the night he kept checking out the time on this huge fob watch and kept muttering something about...the queen, not being late, a white rabbit and Alice..... sorry!!! mans going to put one over this little black duck......So when he asked me to come back to his luxurios apartment at the end of the night for more Tea (what he thinks I'm stupid!!) I quietly declined and slipped out the back, down a rabbit burrow.............

so here goes.................. this one is easy peasy.............

QUIZ # 5 Five from 'F'

Name FIVE movies starting with 'F'?

but, too make it that little bit harder, I am looking for the THIRD correct answer.
Please email your answers to

The winner of this Quiz will receive a $10 voucher generously donated by Peta at 'Scrapbooking from Scratch'

Make sure you go shopping today and check out what Peta has in her on-line store...... Once I get over the afterparty blues, I'm definately going shopping at 'Scrapbooking from scratch' :)

Winners will be announced 8pm tonight

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