Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Here is Ali's DT submission......

Ali Coles - Coco

This is what Ali had to say.....I really struggled with this one! I originally wanted to use the poster as a sketch but couldn't quite get that right. So instead I went a completely different way.
There are 2 firsts for me on this page. First time I have ever done negative space, hope I have left enough. First time I have cut out of a photo! This month was definitely a challenge for me but isn't that the whole point to challenge ourselves now and again! I am quite pleased with the end result finally!
I have cut coco out of a picture and she is looking into the distance, a single character as there is in the poster.

Ali you have really stepped out of your comfort zone here, with your 1st neg space and also cutting out a photo.... and you have done a great job. Love the pic of Coco and your flowers. love how you have used that fancy frame cut out :) Fantastic!! - Shazza


  1. love this ali, great job of the neg space and cutting coco out of the pic, love this

  2. Beautiful, both Coco and the LO! You've mastered the cutting out and the negative space just perfectly.

  3. Ali you did a wonderful job with this challenge, and Coco is a gorgeous dog!

  4. Top layout Ali... love the way Coco is framed by the scallops, bling and flowers! Love the negative space too... gorgeous work! xxx