Friday, November 6, 2009

Take Four, Scene Two, from...........

Jacqui Miles - Yeea Haa!!

This is my LO for the Kill Bill 2 challenge titled (yeea Haa) I have cut
out this photo of my son Horus he loves playing dress up with my
cowgirl hat! I have also painted the title in red and used the colours
Blue, Yellow and Pink on my LO.
I am not a fan of negative space LO.....I just have that need to fill that
space lol but this challenge was good for me to stop just stop!!! (lol)
and try something I am not comfortable doing and I had fun thanks
Shazza for the challenge I loved doing it.. Thanks Jacqui Miles :)

Hi ! Another great layout from you, Jacqui :) love the pic of Horus wearing your cowgirl hat, he looks like he is having a ball!. You have done really well with your negative space ( I know not everyone loves doing them) and you get the bonus two point for painting your title red! Well done!! - Shazza


  1. awesome not a fan of neg space what youve done here

  2. Fantastic layout Jacqui! Cute photo, looks at that gorgeous smile!

  3. You stopped at the right time LOL its a perfect example of negative space. Gorgeous photo
    Tracy :)

  4. Jacqui, for someone who can relate about not being a fan of Neg-Space, let me just say you nailed it! This looks totally fab, and I love your photo, he is just a sweetie!

  5. This is fantastic Jacqui! Love the cut out photo... what a cutie! Great use of negative space... well done! xxx

  6. fantastic layout Jacqui! It was my first negative space Lo and I found it hard to leave space unfilled! You have done a briliant job! love the photo of Horus!

  7. wow how cute love the photo lovely LO......