Monday, November 30, 2009

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Tracy - Merry Christmas Everyone

This photo is of the last Christmas we spent in NZ , hence the house theme. Lots of chipboard from Scrapware used, bling chain and the christmas embellishments being my2angels charms.
The title is Merry Christmas Everyone by Slade (which I sang the whole time I was doing this layout LOL but quietly of course in my head didn't want torture my household!)

Ooh Tracy, this is divine. I just love Santa's sleigh on the roof and the christmas house theme was a great idea. Your embelishments are beautiful, everything just fits in together so well.....and the charms ofcourse!! are Queen of the charms!! lol Fantastic - Shazza


  1. Thanks Shazza - love my new name LOL;)

  2. Wow, That is amazing and I love how you have used pink and not the 'traditional' colours.

  3. This is a stunning layout! I love the house theme... it matches the movie poster perfectly! Gorgeous charms too! xxx

  4. Stnning Tracy! Love the house idea! Pink is such an unusual colour for christmas layouts but it works so well!

  5. oh my gosh... I am so loving the PINK! This is amazing, I have no words, I just love the PINK so much!!