Monday, March 1, 2010

MARCH inspiration will come from the poster.....


Added Criteria for a maximum of 6 points

1. A penguin on the page somewhere = 1pt
2. Must have the word 'Feet' in the title = 2 pts
3. White and Blue to be the dominant colors used = 3pts
You can use other colors but want to see mainly white and shades of blue :)

It is entirely up to you if you want to use the added criteria....but it does give you the extra bonus points



  1. WOO HOO !! A March Challenge already !!!

    Nice Challenge Shazza, hmmmm .... that's got me thinking, a penguin you say ...

    Can't wait to see what the DT's have come up with this month, ohhh that means it's only a month til I get my turn as a Guest DT !! Seriously can't wait !!

  2. Wow, now this is a challenge, need to get the camera out to check out some footsy shots, this sounds great, looking forward to participating.

  3. I can just picture all those tiny baby feet layouts.Looking forward to seeing what comes in for this one.

  4. Here's mine
    Great challenge!

  5. wow this one looks like a great challenge,might have to dig through my blue pp's