Monday, March 29, 2010

a last minute entry from a newbie.........

Chantal Vandenberg - Happy Feet

Hi Shazza,

Please find attached my layout "Happy Feet".

I was inspired by the colours and the theme of the movie poster and I've included all the added criteria;
1. I've included my own hand drawn penguin (I love cartooning!)
2. Feet the word is in the title
3. White and blue are the most dominant colours

Thanks again. Chantal Vandenberg

Hey Chantal! I have included your entry for this just scrapped in, we are all just starting to vote, so your lucky! Gorgeous take on the challenge, love your hand drawn cartoon penguin, very clever!! well done! - Shazza


  1. I ADORE this. Love the collaged and arty feel to this brilliant layout. Well done.

  2. Thanks Natalie! I really love how this layout turned out! Thanks so much for this challenge! I think I've done these 9 year old photos justice! :) Loving everyone's take on the challenge - all so different! Can't wait 'til April's challenge! :)

  3. Love this too, it is fabulous.

  4. the colours in this just make you wanna dance, love it!