Friday, September 3, 2010

Here is our first entry for the 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers ' challenge from....

Annemaree - Sausage Fingers

Hi Shazza, I decided to divulge my insecurities in this
page when you mentioned the handprint! I got in all
the bonuses too.

The journaling says: I've never really liked my big
hands and thick fingers and always considered them
sausage-like! You know, meaty and plump like they
should be on a Hot-Dog Bun! But, I am learning to love
them now - seeing all the things that I am able to CREATE!
Thanks so much!
Hey Annemaree! Great little journaling piece :) and I love the
way you tackled the criteria this month. Well done! - Shazza


  1. Great job! Love the journaling inside the hand!

  2. Great interpretation of the poster - and I love the journaling.... made me laugh!

  3. This is great! Love how you journaled in your hand!

  4. Love your interpretation of the poster. Love the journaling :)

  5. Funny journalling. We all feel like that about different parts of our bodies.

  6. Fantastic Layout... its always important to scrap about things we don't like too :)

  7. Annemaree, wonderful layout, love that you have taken the time to scrap about something that most of us would not even think about! Very well done.

  8. This is a great memory to capture - well done!!