Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heres another DT members submission........

Natalie Elphinstone - Dee-Wishus!

Dear Shazza,

I had the best fun making this layout for the September Body Snatchers challenge! I let my 8-month-old baby stamp handprints all over my cardstock with acrylic paint, and then went over it all with some glimmermist after it had dried. I thought the messiness of it all reflected the theme of my layout which is about the first time she ate solid food. I'm sure every mother remembers how messy that can get!! It's called 'dee-wishus' because that's how my 3-year-old pronounces 'delicious,' which she kept on repeating at every mouthfull! I've also fulfilled the other criteria with my black title and the red and yellow cardstock. I hope everyone else has as much fun as I did this month!! xx Natalie

Love those smudgey baby hand prints. Great page and love the title and theme that you scrapped to this month. I'm glad you enjoyed putting this page together. you have covered all the criteria :) Well done Natalie! - Cheers Shazza


  1. Natalie your layout is gorgeous, just love the baby hand prints :) love the title as well.

  2. just gorgeous natalie, love the title

  3. WOW!! What a beautiful way of to remember the size of your kids hands...and a fun way for the kids too :)

  4. Your background is amazing, I am so scrap-lifting this idea, LOVE THIS, I can already think of 100 different uses, thanks so much!

  5. Love your background - awesome layout!