Thursday, September 2, 2010

Invasion of the body Snatchers submission from our Movie Extra!!!

Dale Tiernan - Pompeii

Dear Shazza,

I have attached my layouts for September’s FS2S Guest DT spot. I chose to do a double page spread as I wanted to use all 4 photos and it suited 2 pages better than one. I’ve attached a photo of both pages together and also singularly, just in case that works better for you. I took my inspiration from the colours, the fact that they were half and half on the page and that the red was more of an orangey red. The hand is a pointer hand and the title bleeds from black to red. Kind regards, Dale

Hi Dale! Thanks for sharing your pics from the Pompeii exhibition, I saw it in Melbourne last year and thought it was incredibly insighful...Love the pic of your 'Roman Gladiator' and like how you used the little pointer hand, and covered all the criteria. Great page - Shazza


  1. Great double Dale and I love the dangling tags.

  2. Love the layout Dale, that soldier with his arm extended over to the other side, really brings it all together, looks fabulous!

  3. Love your masculine double layout - super well done to you!! :D