Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look at this fab! digi submission from.......

Chelle Beeby -iWish

Hey Shazza, what a fab challenge, took me a while to get an idea for this one iMust say, there were so many ways to go, but iThink iCame up with something that iAm pleased with! Thanks again... looking forward to all the subs for the month of Sept!
xx Chelle xx

Chelle!! Great idea for your sub, I love that ghost shape hand look :) I wish I had all these little gadgets aswell :) Looks like you have covered all the criteria. Great work - cheers shazza

Can you see the secret APPLE in the palm? lol...Look hard :)


  1. What an awesome hand print Chelle :) Iwish I had some of these as well, lol!

  2. Oh yeah, I see the Apple. Very cool.

  3. How did you make that handprint, it is very cool. iLove it.

  4. I have not done digi scrapping but this looks great... hmmm might have to give it a try :)

  5. This is clever - love the hand print! Funky!! :D