Monday, October 25, 2010

Another entry today from......

Rani Hyninck - Happy Halloween

Hey Shazza,
Rani made it, a weekend later than planned , but she finnished her work.
To be honest I had to help her with the idea and the making of the title letters.
I think it turned out to be a funny LO.
She used a photo of her face (not a very pretty one, but it was perfect for this work), and made a witches outfit to fit with it.
The used the 3 criteria and came out with this.
I hope you like it.
big hug, hear you soon.
Rani en Vicky

Hey Rani!
You did a great job of your 'Happy Halloween' entry. I love how you used your side on face and added it to the witches costume. Your handmade witches hat looks great too! your black cat looks awesome :) this is fantastic. Well doneRani! Cheers Shazza


  1. What an awesome take on the challenge, and I love your witches hat, you have done a fantastic job with this :D

  2. This is just gorgeous Rani! You're just like your mom, incredibly talented and incredibly sweet.
    Love xxx Peggy

  3. Love the halloween take on this challenge. Great LO.

  4. love the concept of the portrait photo on the drawn body. What a fantastic layout!

  5. I love that you incorporated Halloween into your layout! Great layout!!

  6. I love the photo on the drawn body - really clever! Fantastic!!!

  7. WOW Celina and Rani!!!!! FANTASTIC layouts :)

  8. This is so fun, I love the picture with the witch outfit! Clever layout and so fun!