Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who is it going to be this time........

Chantal Vandenberg - Pre-Flight Excitement

Hi there Shazza!
Here's my layout inspired by Casablanca's movie poster! I was inspired by the colours and the mix of black and white with the colours. I was also inspired by the two main actors facing each other in the way I placed my photos. I have also included all three criteria...
1. Airplane on the page - I have hand-drawn the super cute airplane with girl and I love how it turned out! It takes challenges like these to get me back into cartooning and making my own embellishments.
2. 2 Colours in the title - Black and pink are my featured colours! :D
3. 2 photos - Yay!
Thanks for this month's challenge! :D

Chantal! What a fabulous submission this month. I love the cartooney feel to it with your added aeroplane. Love the different fonts you used and the photos are the perfect addition... lots of added embellies and bits and pieces.
I'm lovin your work Chantal. Cheers Shazza


  1. wow great take on this months poster Chantal :) love the cartoon pane you have used...

  2. Oh this is so totally fun and amazing.

  3. What a super fun layout! I bet she loves it a lot.

  4. Thanks girls! Yes Lucy loves this and it's a great moment to capture, so glad I caught it! :D I'm really happy with this page... and I am going to make a resolution to myself to incorporate more cartooning on my layouts! I've been naughty! lol! :D

  5. WOW Chantal, that hand drawn plane just rocks.. love your layout (another cartoony one :D - great minds!)

  6. Your drawing is AMAZING Chantal...what a great way to share your talent with generations to come... LOVE our layout :)