Thursday, October 28, 2010

Showcase of all entries for the 'My Fair Lady' inspirational poster for October......

Hi Ladies!

Thanks to the 15 ladies that joined in the challenge this month.

We had one newbie this month all the other ladies have played here before :)

Its going to be another hard month to chose a winner from all the fabulous entries :)

I will pop Novembers inspiration up shortly so you can all get a feel for it. I think you are all going to love what you can do with next months movie poster :) ...and this poster has been requested a few times, so dont miss out on getting your entry in :)

Anyway here are the entries.....

Brenda Wyllie - Great Fun

Celina Mathews - I'II get you my Pretty...

Danah Nicole - No More

Deb Clark - My Fabulous Jade

Irit Shalom - So Pretty @ 21

Jane Howden - Serene

Julene Matthews - Pink Love

Lena Schreijenberg - You Look Kinda Royal

Libeeti - The Queen and Spiderman

Melissa Pablo - Sometimes Angels Come Without Wings

Rani Hyninck - Happy Halloween

Sherrie Plummer - Just Me

Sue McVeigh - Melbourne, I take my Hat off to you!

Tifanny Flibbert - Your Fair Aunty

Vicky Hyninck - Turning her into a Cowgirl

Thanks for all the lovely entries ladies...Good Luck!!