Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heres another submission from.....

Michelle Beeby - What ya doin?

I got my July sub done, I hope it's ok, if not please let me KNOW before, but I honestly can't see anything I missed...
  1. Use metal in your layout - I used gold explosion type thingy's, you like my technacal terms?
  2. Use teal - check, in a couple places
  3. Title must be a in block - check.. although not strictly a printers block as such... but I think it still passes?
Shazza, what a challenge this month, thanks again for a great one, I really enjoyed scrapping about my one of my little boys, Riff, and his habbit of nosing when I am on the computer!!

Thanks Michelle, Love your bright , bold layout! look at that cheeky kitty :) looks like you have covered everything, Great work! - Cheers shazza


  1. Michelle you layout is fantastic, love the photos :)

  2. lol... my Bunny is 'on' my laptop all the time, this so reminds me of that! Luvin' the bright colors!

  3. Oh Chelle,what a cat! Your layout is fantastic,I love all those layers.

  4. What a cheeky cat LOL Great take on the challenge

  5. So adorable, what a cute kitty!!