Tuesday, July 6, 2010

She's Late....She's Late......... for a very important date!!! Peggy missed the DATE for the deadline last month :(

Peggy was late for the deadline last month for the 'Alice' inspired challenge.
How could I not show this off, it deserves its own post.........

Peggy Shenkels - Chloe in Wonderland

This information has been taken from Peggy's blog post:

Another stupid thing to do is make a LO for a challenge, and totally don't take any notice of the due date... that's what I did for the June "From Screen to Scrap" Challenge. For one reason or another I was sure I had until the end of the month to finish the LO ... NOT! Ah well, I don't mind. I never enter these challenges to win anyway, I hardly ever do. But they do help me to find some inspiration and they always push me to do things I would normally never think of. Like with this challenge ...

I loved this image so much, I decided to try and paint the exact same background. Of course, it didn't turn out exactly the same, but still, I really like the result. This was one of those times that the LO turned out exactly like I had envisioned it in my head.

My girls love it as well. I've already had my orders from Christina to make one just like it for her as well. So Shazza, if you're reading this, I'm so sorry I was too late, but I'm really happy with the result, so thank you! And I promise I'll try and find some time to enter this month's challenge, preferably on time this time...

Here is the link to Peggy's blog if you would like to ee more of her amazing work :)

Hey Peg! So sorry you missed the deadline.....bummer!!! Just a beautiful piece of artwork, I love how you painted the background. I'm so glad it turned out exactly the way you envisioned it, its not often that happens! ....I hope Christina gets one too!! I'm so impressed!! hugs - shazza
P.S.....if you intend to join in this month, dont miss the deadline please lol..........


  1. Wow Peggy, that is just to die for. I hope you have another go this month.

  2. amazing, im sure this one wouldve won had it been in on time
    love everything, just stunning

  3. This is really fabulous. Talented lady.

  4. This is just too cool! Love it!

  5. Thanks ladies for your sweet comments, I do so appreciate all of them! And thanks Shazza for still putting this on your blog, though I don't deserve it!!!!!!! And I promise, I won't lose track of a deadline ever again LOL!!
    xxx Peggy

  6. ahhh... we're all late sometimes. :O)
    and it's to great a LO NOT to share!

  7. Geez Peggy!!! This is super duper fabulous!! I can't believe you painted that background. Actually I can believe it!