Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Come and Meet our Movie Extra for the Month....

Lena Schreijenberg

I’m Lena Schreijenberg, born on the 17th of april 1961. Since my divorce I live with my two children, Carmen (born 1996) and Liam (born 1998), in Biggekerke, a small village in the South-West of the Netherlands. The two cats, Harley and Emmy, make our family complete.
I work for three days a week at the courthouse in Middelburg. That’s an office job but in my spare time I just love to create!! That “creating” is something I was born with I guess. As long as I can remember I am always busy to create things. As a little kid I made drawings, knitted and sewed dolls clothes, made cushins for my room…. Now I’m a qualified seamstress and I have made many clothes for myself and my kids. A few years ago I started painting and my best friend Marit introduced scrapping/art journaling to me. I took part in all three of her workshops in art journaling and I loved it!! In one lesson of these workshops we had to make a collage. And I completely fell in love with that technique!! It is soooo much fun going through magazines looking for the right pair of eyes.... the perfect face, mouth and hair!!
Please feel free to visit my blog
I hope you will enjoy browsing through my gallerys and I wish you all “happy creative” times!!!!

Hi Lena  and Welcome! We are so pleased to have you join us. We hope you enjoy your Movie Extra role role and look forward to your comments on the entries this month. Please make Lena welcome !! :)

Here is some examples of Lena art work, she really is a very talented lady...i would lave to take classes and learn how she puts these pages together - shazza





Such beautiful work Lena, and so different to anything I have seen.
I will visit your blog soon

Have a great time on FS2S



  1. I love the layouts you submit for this site Lena. Welcome as guest artist. I hope you enjoy your month.

  2. Hey Lena, I am loving your layouts, they're truly amazing and you have such talent! Welcome aboard FS2S

  3. Wow Lena, amazing work!!
    So clever & fun, with great titles & journaling. Great to see you with us!

  4. Lena your work is amazing! You are so artistic and extremely talented! I love all your pages and one of my favourite things is the black and white stripey swirls! :D

  5. Very different Lean - you certainly have your own unique style. Really clever.

  6. Your style is so distinctive! You are extremely talented!! These are all absolutely amazing & I love that each one carries such a positive message!! I will definitely be stopping by your blog to see more!!!

  7. I always enjoy seeing your work!! Welcome to S2S this month!

  8. so happy to have you with us here at FS2S. your creations are amazing!i love all the messages you have on your work.

  9. Good to see you get the attention you deserve girlie! You know I love your work, and many others fall in love with it as soon as they see it... YEAY for Guest designership!!! You made this challenge ROCK!!!!

  10. welcome as a guest dt.

    love your layouts ;)

  11. Oh wow, love your stunning style Lena, off to follow your blog. Melxx