Thursday, March 31, 2011

March's inspiration will come from the movie poster 'Vertigo'

(As suggested by Karen Williams and Chantal Vandenberg)

Added criteria for an extra 6 Bonus Points

 1) Orange background = 1pt

 2) A black silohouette figure (person) on your layout = 2pts

3) A spirograph shape or swirl on your layout = 3pts

**Remember the old spirograph, must hunt mine down!**
Please email your layouts compressed/resized for web viewing to

Also, please add your blog address to your email so I can add it to the post, that way we can come and visit :)

The Design Team have put together some great submissions,
so lots of inspiration to share with you all shortly :)

Entries for 'Vertigo' will close
Tuesday 29th March at midnight.

Looking forward to seeing some arty entries this month!!



  1. This is my all-time favourite movie everyone!!! I totally love it!!! I can't wait to see everyone's interpretations - it's going to be really COOL!!! :D

  2. wow, this is going to be a great challenge!!!!
    got my thinking cap on

  3. All sounds great, I think I have a spirograph somewhere, just hope I still have it! (or can find it!)