Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our next DT submission is from.......

Dale Tiernan -Ride

Hi Shazza,

Here is my layout. I've used some photos of The Hulk rollercoaster in an Orlando theme park to represent the movie poster. I suffer from vertigo so couldn't even consider going on this coast unless I wanted to feel ill. My husband had a great time on it, son number 1 wouldn't go on and son number 2 (10 years) was very unhappy with me for not letting him on it. I was too scared to let him. It was so high.

I've used orange, a black silhouette of a lady falling and I've used orange cotton to spirograph around the scallop die-cut. I used to love my spirograph kit as a kid.

I loved the challenge and found it very easy to find this idea for it.

Kind regards,


  1. Amazing! I love how you've incorporated 'Vertigo' into your journalling & those are awesome photo's! I'm absolutely blown away by your using the scallops as a means to thread a geometric shape into the design!! :)

  2. this is super cool Dale! love the photos, the silhoutte looks great, and the spirograph work is awesome!

  3. Dale, your layout has blown me away, fantastic take on the challenge and love that silhouette!

  4. Dale, I would never ride on anything like this either...I always say 'I'll hold the handbags'!
    Great LO using the rollercoaster photos & the spirograph idea, & great story too.

  5. Oh wow - this is really cool!!! I love these full-on scary rides! I'd love to go on that! I think the photos are really great and that silhouette looks perfect!!! Well done!

  6. Fantastic take on the challenge!! Love how you made the spirograph with orange cotton thread. I would have never thought about that... sooo clever!!

  7. Very clever using "Vertigo" - a unique take on the challenge I think. Well done.

  8. great idea to use the movie title on this- great silhouette and I think i'd be standing watching this ride as well LOL

  9. great layout ;)

    love the journalling around the circle.

    your spirograph looks amazing