Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here is another great submission from....

Amanda Taylor - This lot bring me back down to earth.

Amanda said....Finally got this done, and loved it in the end, thanks for the awesome challenge, I went with a 'space' theme as there is a rocket in the poster and got an aeroplane as well, got a pic with more than 3 people in it 5 of my 6 sons and they are standing in a similar position to the characters in the poster, and the gold letters, well Ididnt have any gold alpha so painted white foam thickers with gold gel pen.

Great pic of your boys Amanda, love the title and your rockets, Well done - Shazza


  1. Amanda... this is a fantastic layout! I love the black and white photo teamed with the colours on the background and title... awesome work! xxx

  2. Amanda you always come up with the best titles :) Don't your boys look fab! Love this layout.

  3. Great Layout Amanda! Love the bright colours mixed with the black and white photo!

  4. Great idea having the boys like the characters on the poster. How cute is that plane with the clouds
    PS I agree with Marissa you do come up with some great titles :)