Thursday, October 29, 2009

A last minute entry from .........

Tanya D Joseph - Carnival - Egyptian Style

the king tut in the pic...I actually made---- for mrdi gras-we go to new orleans and our group chooses a theme...this past year we chose EGYPT..... I made the king tut our of a plastic golf club caddy....socks....mask.....egg crate mattress......beads and pebbles....but we made it half an ice chest and half a dry storage for food for mardi gras day...and we bolted it to a wagon base and pulled it around......

Here are some pics of Tanya's work in progress til completion, just so you can get an idea!

Well done Tanya, I love all your bits n bobs, love the orange tinge to your layout, you have really captured an Egyptian feel to your layout. Thanks for sending the pics of your king tut sarcophagus. I love the transformation from the golf buggy to the pull along drink and food chest..........amazing!! Love it!! - Shazza
P.S I will also post this on my personal blog, so others can see it too :)


  1. What a gorgeous layout... it looks so rich with lots of textures... beautiful work! xxx

  2. oh my goodness, what you did with that golf club caddy is so amazing, it looks so professionally done, wow! Pretty LO as well, good luck in the challenge!
    xxx Peggy