Thursday, October 29, 2009

A last minute entry from .........

Peggy Schenkels - Careful

This is what Peggy had to say about her page.......The translation of the title is "Careful", and the red dymo letters say: "Hold on tight" and "Use your hands and feet". The red ropes are stitched.

This picture tells it like it is!
Christina is perfectly happy at the bottom of the ropes. She has always been the kinda scared one.

Yannis would love to join Chloë at the top, but his careful nature spots too many dangers.
Chloë on the other hand ... Chloë doesn't see any danger. From the moment she could walk, she was climbing on every little thing (and I do mean every little thing), and that hasn't changed. This means I'm never at ease when we go to the playground. It seems I spend most of my time shouting for her to be careful, to hold on tight, because you see ... not only does she always climb to the highest point possible, she does this in a way that makes your heart just plain stop. She jumps from one rope to the other, letting go of both hands and feet at the same time... have fun baby girl, but please, be careful!

I painted the background with watercolour paints on plain white cardstock. I like painting on watercolour paper better, but since I only wanted to create a background it didn't matter all that much that the paint dried to quickly for the colours to blend in nicely.
I handmade the title (with an ordinary yellow marker), and I stitched the red ropes which were out of the picture (inspired by the pyramid as part of the challenge - you gotta love those challenges, they provide so much inspiration!).

Wow!! Yes Peggy , you just made it in time, and it was so worth waiting for.........
Peggy this is amazing, what a fantastic layout, you have really put a lot of time and effort into this page........ What a great pic to work with. Fantastic!! - Shazza

Thanks to Peggy, A Runner UP!! prize will now be added to the prize pool. I will get a prize organised this afternoon . More prizes to share with the entrants


  1. Hi Peggy!, What an amazing layout, I just love it :)

    Here is the link to Peggy's blog, I thought you might all want to see her post for 'From Screen 2 Scrap' and also some more of her amazing layouts.



  2. Thanks Shazza, you're so sweet, and I'm glad you like the LO. I was being serious when I said your challenges provide so much inspiration, I never would have come up with this LO without your challenge. I'm looking forward to playing again with one of your challenges in the following months.
    xxx Peggy

  3. Wow what a beautiful LO !! xx Tina

  4. Gosh this is amazing Peggy! Love it!!!

  5. Stunning layout Peggy!!! Love the backgound painting and your stitching work looks amazing.

  6. omg, this is everything here, and i have a couple kids just like your chloe

  7. Fantastic layout Peggy, the background painting is stunning and I love all the journalling

  8. What a gorgeous layout Peggy, the watercolour background is beautiful and very creative! Love the way you have extended the photo with the stitching too! xxx