Monday, August 2, 2010

Here is our first entry for the 'Juno' challenge from....

Sarah Elliott - Pink

Well... I have procrastinated long enough.
I decided to scrap ALL the preggers pictures and get it over with.
If you look *real* close in the pictures, particularly Robert's,
I'm sure you can see orbiting satellites around my belly.
Ok, you can stop laughing at the pictures...
I covered the criteria:
1. Handmade Title: Check! PINK is hand cut, glimmer misted then inked.
2. Use stripes: Check! Pattern Paper background.
3. Preggo pictures a plenty: Check!
No seriously!
You can stop laughing at the pictures... now.

lol, sorry I'm holding back the tears of laughter not at your pics but at your comment about the orbiting sattelites around your belly lol Your so funny Sarah!!! I think Amanda Taylor will appreciate your title as she is a mum of 6 boys!!!
Anyway back to the layout lol, glad you covered all the criteria Sarah , you've done well and I'm happy that you got to scrap all your preggers photos lol - Cheers shazza


  1. Love the layout Sarah! It is great to scrap photos that we have wanted to for a while :) sorry had to laugh about the orbiting satellites...

  2. This is cute!!! I love the journaling/title and all the preggers pictures, it's just a fun page! And so was your comment, I'm still laughing!
    xxx Peggy

  3. Love your layout! It's great to get all your photos scrapped!!

  4. LOVE it, what a wonderful LO and love what you have done with the title.

  5. Love your layout - especially the title, it's so clever!

  6. LOL your sense of humour comes through here.This layout looks great and what photos to keep.

  7. Oh Sarah, I love your layout and you so made me laugh :D What a fabulous way to document all the pregnancies on one layout. Love this <3

  8. I so wish I was into scrapping when I was pregnant (mind you I would have need a wide angle lens LOL).
    Fantastic (and funny) photos Sarah great take on the challenge