Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ooh! look at this next submission from....

Marisa Page - Twins

Hi Shazza,
Well the Juno poster was very interesting for inspiration.
I decided to go with softer colour tones to match my photos.
The year was 1985 and I was expecting twins, these photo were
taken when I was 37 weeks, my babies arrived 3 weeks early.
I have covered all the criteria stripes,
pregnancy photo and a hand made title.
Looking forward to seeing this months creations.
Marisa Page

...Boy you were huge Marisa!!! you can tell that you must have had those twins not long after this photo was taken :) Love your fence, flowers and house :) I love your stamped title, it all fits together just perfectly! cheers Shazza


  1. Love your cluster Marisa and the stitching is wonderful. Great picture choice too.

  2. Marisa I really enjoyed looking at your layout, your embellis are just the best and that little house and fence, WOW!

  3. Love the fence cluster and stitching with the butterfly