Sunday, August 1, 2010

Here is our second submission from ........

Jennifer Manis - She's a Doll

Hi Shazza! I just wanted to send in my "Juno" layout.
My layout is titled, 'She's A Doll'. This is a pic of myself as a baby. It's not a newborn pic, but it's one of my favorites! I handcut the 'doll' part of my title. I just wanted it to be as girly as possible! Thanks so much!
Looking forward to the blog hop & all the birthday celebrations!!
-Jennifer Manis

Another beautiful submission from you Jennifer, love the lttle dolls clothes and your handcut title just suits the page perfectly. It is a gorgeous photo of you! Great work this month :) Cheers Shazza


  1. Oh what a gorgeous photo :) love the little clothes!

  2. Jennifer what a "girly" layout, the title says it all, just beautiful.

  3. Great handmade title Jen and the inclusion of the stripes