Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jusst in time....A last minute entry from......

Melinda Johns - Many faces of me

Hi Shazza,
I almost forgot to upload I finished this 2 weeks ago and
I love the poster and have used stripes on my page,
these photos are of
my daughter approx 3 - 4 months old
and she sat there and pulled so many
funny faces I had to
get them on camera, I even got one of her pre
I had so much fun looking through her baby photos I am yet
scrap any of them.:o(

I used stamps to make the work Faces of Me, the word many
didn't want to
fit, so I had drew the similar version of
the stamps to make the work many.

I know it is a shocking photo I will try to get an outside
one tomorrow
or Tuesday and you can replace it if you wish
my flash doesn't like
being inside at night.

Regards Melinda

Melinda!! woohoo!!! just in timefor the challenge. I love
this page and oh!!
so many faces from your darling little
girl!!! they are just beautiful,
but would be great if
you could send another photo without the flash.

Great work and glad you made it in time. Cheers shazza

Could all DT's please add this to your list for voting!
Thanks Shazza


  1. oh how totally adorable! And what a great concept for a layout :-)

  2. Way too cute! Well done - great double page!!!

  3. Oh, look at all those cute pictures! Lovely!

  4. Love all the photos, well done with this challenge :)

  5. Melinda Alexis looks so cute in all those photos and a great effort.

  6. WOW Mel, truly fabulous double layout! Just look at all Alexis' cute little expressions, love this :D

  7. Aw, how adorable and a great way to get so many photos on a page.