Friday, August 27, 2010

A last minute entry from......

Peggy Schenkels - Just 2 adults having a baby

I immediately fell in love with the poster, so much so, that I decided to just copy it. I mean, the orange stripes, the green title, the goofy couple LOL, it was just too awesome too change it.These are my mom and dad when my mom was pregnant with me back in december 1971. My dad was acting silly again, like I was able to witness myself for many times to come once I was born LOL. I decided to give the LO a humourous touch and add some silly journaling and a silly title. For one reason or another, I had "responsible young drivers" in my head ... Hence the title. I love theLO, my parents love it (yes, even my dad), so thanks for another great challenge Shazz!
Xxx Peggy

Thanks for your entry Peggy! Its come up a treat :) the colors like the poster are just awesome!
You've done a great job of this challenge.... I love your parents and even your 'funny dad'...what was he doing lol or better still........what was he thinking lol. Great page, I love it! - Cheers Shazza

And Peggy thanks to your entry we have reached a milestone this month of 30 entries.... our best ever participation rate :) you have made my day :)

Could all DT members please add this entry to their list when voting -
Thanks Shazza


  1. It is wonderful. Love the colander on his head. hee hee

  2. I love the photo, had a laugh about the colander on your dads head :) Fantastic page and I love that your have it looks so much like the poster!

  3. De LO is echt geweldig geworden maateke, ze is ongelofelijk grappig en levendig.
    Kortweg gezegd, ik ben alweer fan van je LO.


  4. Oh my word....that is just too funny! I love it!

  5. That's awesome! You're so lucky to have that picture of your parents!

  6. This layout is spot on! Love how much it looks like the poster!