Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another entry in my inbox today from one of our regulars........

Jacqui Miles - Graduate 09'

Hi Shazza, 
This is my LO for this months challenge My son
graduated from grade 6 and his class mates all
went out to dinner. Sadly I could not be at his
graduation I had booked to go to Melbourne for
my Brothers Engagement party before I knew the
date of his graduation, Thank god for my Husband
Steve and his Teacher all took lots of photos
for me!!!
So I chose the colour Purple to use with my
black and white not only is purple my favourite
colour but I think it goes GR8 with Black.
Thanks Shazza for another GR8 Challenge :)
Jacqui Miles

Job well done Jacqui! Love the purple with the
black, the black and white pp looks fantastic. I
especially like how you presented the 09'.
Love it - Shazza


  1. What a great layout, good that everyone took photos for you. Love the colour combination.

  2. fabulous colour choice (I'm a huge PURPLE fan).. love it!

  3. Yep, the purple looks fab with the black. The kids look like they are having a blast.

  4. Love your combo of patterned papers and the purple looks fab...

  5. Lovin the black and purple colour combo Jacqui! great photos!