Friday, January 29, 2010

Showcase of all 'Alfie' entries for the month......

Well ladies!

You have out done yourselves this month. The over all content and creativity of the entries has been outstanding, choosing the winners is going to be a nightmare.........

In no particular order, here is a blog roll of all the 'Alfie' layouts for the month! This helps the Design Team with the judging of entries :) So hang in there, it will be a couple of days before we get back to you with all the winners !!!

I will start posting Feb's inspiration early this month as February is a short month..........only 28 days!!!

I am so happy with the entries for January and especially that we had 8 new ladies give this challenge a go..........Thankyou to everyone who entered this month, we had 21 beautiful entries, which was a great effort, so I can only thankyou all for participating and helping to make this challenge site AWESOME!!

I hope you all enjoyed the 'Alfie' challenge and look forward to you all playing along again in February :)

Lets make 2010 our most creative year ever !!! in no particular order, I present:

Anita Bownds - {Love}

Ann Lavin - You

Anne Patterson - Lunch

Bec Miller - Montana

Brenda Wyllie - Mum

Cecelia Blanco - Favourite Girl

Dinnae Galloway - Superstar

Jacqui Miles - Graduate 09

Jennifer Campbell - Snow Much Fun

Jennifer Manis - Joy

Julene Matthews - 3 Faves

Lindy Gillepsie - Beach

Lisa Kamphius - Right Where I Want to Be

Melinda Johns - Untitled

Melissa O'Neill - My Family is You

Michelle Benson - Family Ties

Mindy Baxter - 2nd Grade

Natalie Elphinstone - Lucky

Sharon Creighton - {Always}

Talia Martin - Bubble Boy

Talia Martin - Cute Baby Girl



  1. wow great to see so many gorgeous entries this month! Love them all :) Good Luck everyone!

  2. Great roll of entries there.It will be hard to choose a winner.Good luck to all!